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What we doMeet our Students
Meet our Students
Vietnam is a country with great opportunities. This is why we focus on that group of young people (disadvantaged youth) who are likely to miss out on these opportunities because they have challenges that most do not have.

Our graduates, who have reached out for their own future, have demonstrated great courage and determination. Through hard work, they are turning their lives around. Meet some of our inspiring students and read their stories below.
Nguyen Danh Hao
Age :19
Course :Sales and Marketing class_REACH Hanoi_batch 27
Hao graduated in batch 27 of the Sales and Marketing class at REACH in Hanoi. His father used to be a driver until he lost his hearing ability in one ear. Now he is unemployed and stays at home taking care of two cows purchased with a bank loan. Hao’s mother ...
Nguyen Thi Thu
Course :Web & Graphic Design_REACH Hanoi_batch 27
Thu is a student in batch 27 of REACH’s Web and Design Program in Hanoi. In 2005, Thu’s father was seriously injured after he and a friend were struck by a drunk motorcyclist about a kilometer away from home. The impact caused internal hemorrhaging in his brain, ...
Nguyen Thi Lan
Age :21
Course :Nail Art_REACH Hanoi_batch28
Lan is a 20 year old Nail Art student at REACH. She was born with a neurofibroma, a tumour on her back surrounding a group of nerves, which makes her unable to stand up for long. Because of her physical condition, she is unable to do many kinds of work. There is ...
Nguyen Thi Thuy Em
Course :Hairdressing_REACH Hanoi_28
Em was born in Bến Tre, a province in southern Vietnam. Born in 1991, she married at the age of 18 and has a three year-old daughter. She met her husband in Ho Chi Minh City, where had moved to work as a painter. After getting married and giving birth to their first ...
Vu Thanh Mai
Age :25
Course :REACH Hanoi_ batch 25
It is said that having qualified basic education is an entitled right of everyone. But for Mai, going school has never been an option. It is because of two reasons: she has disabled arms and her parents are poor. Mai and her family used to live in Dak Lak, a ...
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