4 Key factors that make REACH’s success

The success of REACH’s training program is a combination of many factors: the people, the program, & the training model.

Over 10 years of operation, REACH has supported and helped more than 18,000 disadvantaged young people, to be trained and get stable jobs. The development of REACH is a testament to the success of the program and its development focus.

From 3 personnel, REACH has grown to nearly 60 employees nationwide, expanding from 3 courses to 11 different training courses in 6 centers across the country: Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, and HCMC.

Let’s examine the 4 key factors that make REACH’s success:

1- Market-oriented training model

The first factor that makes the REACH program a success is the market-oriented training model. This is the focus of all REACH training activities.

Vocational Training & Employment Placement Model

Vocational Training & Employment Placement Model

From the first days of its establishment, all REACH programs and courses have been thoroughly researched for the market’s supply and demand.

  • “Supply” is the number of local Vietnamese youth in that locality who desire to learn skills for a job. What is their favorite job? How much time are they willing to spend studying? And how long does the training take for them to study, and do well in that profession? …
  • After finding out the clear “supply” information, REACH staff will conduct research and analysis on the “demand” in the market. How many businesses and groups need to recruit for those positions and occupations? What is the job’s income level, and what ability is there to advance and develop? What will future trends in the profession be like?

A series of questions were raised after many kinds of research and studies were conducted, from which teachers and expert consultants developed the curriculum which was most suitable for REACH’s target audience being young disadvantaged people.

We do not stop at researching the market but follow the process of learning and training. REACH continuously updates the “new trends” of enterprises in training.

The organized classes involve invited guests from enterprises to directly come and share practical experience with the REACH students.

Some photos REACH students with people from businesses

At the end of the course, the teachers are the ones who monitor jobs, surveys and receive reviews from businesses, which is used to improve the training programs for the next courses.

It can be said that REACH’s market-oriented training model is a cyclical model, reviewing and implementing continuously. This is the factor that makes a difference in REACH’s operation and has created the success of REACH today.

The best evidence for this success is that since its inception, sponsors and students see REACH focusing on service professions such as food & beverage, Nail care, hairdressing, and 2D graphic designing.

Gradually over recent years, realizing the strong development of the IT industry, REACH has expanded 3 more courses related to IT, computers such as 3D Graphic Design, Web coding, and Video Editing Design. The classes are step by step affirming the training quality and skills of the trainees in the Vietnamese labor market as graduates get jobs.

2- The REACH training program is quality and appropriate to REACH students

REACH’s beneficiaries are disadvantaged youth. “Disadvantaged” means not only physically but having difficulty in many other ways.

Therefore, when designing and researching each training program, teachers, and experts will provide the knowledge and skills that are most suitable for them as well as meeting the needs of the market.

  • Optimal study time

At REACH, each course lasts only 3-6 months, focusing on practical learning. Therefore, students can get work quickly and be able to earn money to support their families and develop their own careers.

The course is SHORT but QUALITY!

If you make a small comparison with the single outside vocational courses (only 2 hours/session and 2-3 sessions/week), in addition to 20% of the theoretical study time, REACH students also get 400 hours of practice (3-month class) or 600 hours of practice (6-month class).

    • Facilities guaranteed

    All classes are equipped with modern equipment as required when working in practice.

    In IT classes, each student has access to a highly configurable desktop computer with a value of 30-60 million VND / machine for continuous practice during study hours.

    Service classes such as cooking, food & beverage, hairdressing … all have modern machines available (oven, coffee maker, hair curling machine, …) and a full range of materials for practice.

    • Job placement

    With a network of more than 1000 partners and enterprises, REACH trainees will have practical lessons through exchange of information and training from people working directly in the industry.

    After graduation, 100 % of the trainees are offered jobs. Especially, with the advantage of good practice skills, REACH students are very favored by employers.

    3- Each teacher is a companion

    REACH staff is a companion

    REACH staff is a companion

    Humanity is an indispensable success factor. This is our teachers and staff at REACH. At the center, every teacher from the admissions office to English and office staff members love and care deeply about the students.

    Teachers are always there to accompany trainees in the early days when choosing suitable careers, looking for accommodation when starting at our school, and for useful extracurricular sessions.

    4- Donors always accompany and support REACH

    And of course, it is impossible not to mention the sponsors who have always accompanied REACH, delivering REACH today’s successes. They are not only local and international businesses and organizations who fund from around the world, but also from individuals and households.

    Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Tam, director of REACH center shared: “I remember at a time of crisis in 2014, standing in front of two doors deciding to continue to operate or close the REACH house. It was really difficult during that time, but thanks to the help of donors, REACH has risen and developed to what it is today.

    “In the face of the current COVID epidemic, I hope REACH will continue to stand firm and overcome this storm,” she continued.

    Sincere thanks to all the sponsors and partners of REACH. It is you who help REACH to further help disadvantaged young people across Vietnam.

    The success of REACH is not due to a few factors but it is the significance of many different factors. Join together with REACH, and spread the news about this meaningful program.

    Sincere thanks to all the sponsors and partners of REACH. It is you who help REACH to further help disadvantaged young people across Vietnam.

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