470 disadvantaged youth ready to change their future

During nearly 3 months of recruitment amidst the COVID pandemic, REACH officially welcomed 470 disadvantaged youth who are ready to change their future.

470 disadvantaged youth – Who are they?

They are 470 young people from all over the country. 470 walks of life with 470 different stories.

There is Hoa, the only female student in the Web Coding class. With a passion for IT, the Thai girl has traversed nearly 400km from the poor mountainous countryside with undeveloped facilities to the capital to start a new journey.

There is Vien, a man of pain and tears. Vien was born and raised in a poor family; his father died of tuberculosis at only 33 years old; his elder brother has been disabled since he was young. He is mute and lack awareness and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

There is Hien in REACH Hanoi’s video editing class. Her family had to sell their house to pay for her mother’s cervical cancer treatment.

Although they are born and raised in different circumstances, they share the same will, the same desire: to study and to change their lives and their families’ future.

Ready to change the future

Because of the influence of COVID, for the first time, REACH Center has implemented online programs in 5 centers: REACH Hanoi, REACH Hue, REACH Hoi An, REACH Da Nang, and REACH Hai Duong to welcome 470 students into the REACH family.

Message from Phan Lan - a former REACH Hanoi Sales Trainee

Message from Phan Lan – a former REACH Hanoi Sales Trainee

Message from former REACH Hanoi Sales Trainee, Phan Lan to former students, and new students: “Today I am very honored and happy to speak on behalf of the Alumni in such a special opening ceremony. Although each person will have their own sadness, joy, happiness, and suffering, we will always be close brothers and sisters who grew up from the same place, who will always be watching out for each other helping and sharing with each other. It was on this foundation that the REACH Alumni Club was formed to unite generations of REACH students. I wish all new students will have useful lessons which will give wings to their dreams and help them prepare for the future.

Pictures of the online opening ceremony of the centres welcoming new students

REACH Danang, REACH Hanoi, REACH Hai Duong welcome new students

Teachers at REACH Hoi An prepare for the opening ceremony

After many difficulties, application assessments, interviews, and home visit 470 young people in difficult circumstances will officially open their first door into the future.

“Welcome to the REACH family. I wish them all the knowledge and skills to be ready for the future ”, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hang, manager of REACH Hanoi Center sent her message.

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