80% of REACH students’ houses were flooded

History repeated itself after 20 years, a terrible storm has hit central Vietnam, causing nearly 80% of students’ houses to be flooded, and 150 REACH students in REACH Hue and REACH Hoi An have had to stop studying.

The historic storm returns to Hue and Hoi An after 20 years

Difficulties followed difficulties, REACH Hoi An and REACH Hue had just reopened their classes after implementing social distancing before the outbreak of the 2nd COVID wave in Vietnam, of recent times, nearly 150 students of REACH in the central region have continued to face the most historic storm since 1999.

Thua Thien – Hue continued to have heavy rain, the water levels of the Huong and Bo rivers went above an alarming 3 meters and rivers in the province rose again, causing widespread flooding. All roads in Hue City were flooded, traffic was almost completely paralyzed.

 REACH centers have to close temporarily Mr. Tran Dung, center manager at REACH Hue shared: “Due to the influence of weather, the center decided to let students leave school to ensure their safety. Since the historic flood in 1999, until now, I have never seen the water so high again. During the flooding, some elderly people were residing on the campus and the road to the school was flooded”.

As well as in Hoi An, Mr. Pham Hoang Thanh Nhan, center manager at REACH Hoi An shared on his personal Facebook: “After two delays because of COVID, there are now storms and floods. When it rains, it pours. A series of tragic accidents happened because of the flood. It’s too dire and heartbreaking. A lot of REACH students were flooded, I have been so worried about them but I could not do anything to help them

Some pictures of REACH students’ families facing floods and storms in Central Vietnam

Cooking facilitator at REACH Hue, Mr. Bui Viet Tuan confided: “There are 30 students in my class, but 90% of them are flooded in at their house. Most of them live in rural and low-lying areas so they suffer a lot. During this, a cobra visited one of my student’s houses, she asked me to handle it. “

He continued: “The was no available electricity for a few days, plus many families did not prepare food so they just ate noodles or waited for relief. I am extremely worried about how difficult it will be for them after returning to school and staying in a rented room. I wished the flood would pass quickly and with as little damage as possible. “

Facing this critical situation, Mr. Dung emphasized: “REACH Hue will comply with local directives and be ready when the storm passes. Currently, REACH Hue does not have a contingency budget to support the children, so we will support mentally first. After they come to class and survey the actual damage, the teachers and I will be planning and looking for the options which will best support the students severely affected by this storm”.

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