REACH is a Vietnamese non-profit organization specializing in providing vocational training, career advice, and job placement services for Vietnam’s most disadvantaged youth.


All young people in Vietnam have the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential.


    To address the ongoing needs of the most disadvantaged youth across Vietnam and empower them by:

    • Becoming a leading provider of innovative, practical and demand-driven skills training
    • Equipping our students with the confidence, belief, and self-respect needed to grasp new opportunities.
    • Providing solid employment opportunities while also providing workforce solutions for our business networks.
    • Providing support and encouragement for our graduates’ future development.
    • Contributing to the national strategy for social & economic development.


    • Respect: We show compassion and uphold the principles of inclusion, equality, and fairness in our work to empower disadvantaged youth.
    • Achievement: We are dedicated and focused, and challenge ourselves to achieve the greatest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Innovation: Our model is market-driven and flexible in helping to meet the ongoing needs of disadvantaged youth and businesses in Vietnam.
    • Responsibility: We always try our best to perform uphold REACH’s mission, acting with accountability, integrity, and transparency.
    • Family: We are a caring and supportive family of passionate staff, students, alumni, businesses, and program partners.

    Our Story

    The journey has not been easy for us. However, with our passion for disadvantaged youths, we have made our inspiring story over 16 years at REACH.

    REACH's projects

    At REACH, we focus strongly on vocational training to disadvantaged youths in 6 cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh city. Additionally, we also running 3 social enterprise businesses in order to give our students an opportunity to practice and learn.

    Our Annual Reports

    We thank you to our donors, partners, followers and employees have made many milstones successfully each year. Our transparency reports love to show you what we have done throughout the years