• More than 1,100 disadvantaged youth trained each year.
  • Over 80% of REACH graduates acquire a stable job within 6 months of graduation.
  • Over 50% of REACH graduates receive promotion or salary increase in their first working year.





  • Project Inspire Grand Prize Winner (2014) – Selected from 503 proposals from 70 countries around the world, awarded by the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard Foundation;  
  • Plan International Global Award Winner – REACH’s online Ready-to-Work platform selected for the most innovative use of technology in development;  
  • Social Enterprise Grant Winner (2014) – One of 3 organizations selected by the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) to receive funding and support for social enterprise development (
  • Inspiring CSO selected by MSD, funded by Irish Aids – One of 12 organizations with outstanding transparency and accountability practice in Vietnam and CSO with Impressive Development. 
  • One of 12 most sustainable Development Model in Vietnam selected by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Association)
  • Grand Prize Winner Project Inspire 



  • Stars Foundation Impact Award Winner (2015) - REACH was one of 24 winners selected from 1500 NGOs worldwide working with underprivileged children;  and one of the winners in Asia - Pacific
  • Epic Foundation’s List of 20 Most Impactful Organisations (2015) – Chosen out of 1,400 organizations from 85 countries to join Epic Foundation’s 2015 portfolio;
  • List of 10 Most Outstanding Development Organisations (2015) – One of 10 organizations recognized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations for 2013-2015;
  • Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) Grant Winner: One of 3 social enterprises selected out of 98 applicants
  • Plan International Global Award Winner: For the most innovative use of technology in development: REACH Ready-To-Work platform


  • Promising Practice NGO (2016) – Recognised by UNESCO-UNEVOC as an exemplary model of vocational training to be followed in Vietnam and internationally;
  • One of 12 organizations with outstanding transparency and accountability practice in Vietnam and CSO with Impressive Development (Inspiring CSO funded by Irish Aid



  • Good practice case by UN ESCAP 
  • In August 2017, REACH has been honored with the "Green Award - Business Initiative for Community" awarded by CSIP and VCCI to honor business ideas for the humanitarian and sustainable development community. 
  • In October 2017, REACH has been awarded the "Best CSO Partner for Development" model in the ' CSOs – Enterprise ' category by the MSD (Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development)
  • In December 2017, REACH has been selected by Social Ventures Hong Kong as the only representative organization for Vietnam to receive the "Social Innovation Award 2017". 



  • REACH is one of the eight organisations that won Transforming Lives Awards from over 600 organisations worldwide REACH transforming Lives Awards