BELGO joins with REACH in a new training program in Ho Chi Minh city

A new training program was opened in Ho Chi Minh City in Sep 2020. It combined REACH and BELGO enterprises in a joint training initiative.

Training in a market-oriented model 

One of the factors that contribute to the success of REACH’s program is its commitment to a market-oriented training model. This is imperative for all REACH training activities.  

A new model of training that extends and reinforces the need for a market-oriented approach has been developed in partnership with BELGO enterprises.  

New training program 

This innovation is a practical training model, coordinating between NPOs and businesses to take advantage of each party’s strengths in supporting young people in difficult circumstances get vocational training, and find jobs. 

Through this initiative, the enterprise will provide support through the provision of facilities and equipment for the delivery of training.

They will also participate in some teaching content and provide direct internships in their workplaces for students.  REACH’s role is to ‘reach out’ and bring disadvantaged youth who wish to learn Food & Beverage to the program. 

REACH’s training program will be applied to ensure the highest quality outcomes. REACH will also find businesses for students to practice as well as final job placement for graduates. 

After 1.5 months of training, in theory, English, soft skills, services skills, and bar-tending skills, students will have 1.5 months of direct internship in the enterprise. The initiative has also provided or young people with a disability.

Five hearing-impaired trainees are currently participating in the Food & Beverage Course in BELGO 

The first training course attracted 18 participants5 of whom were hearing impaired.   

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hang shared: “Supporting the hearing-impaired students to participate in this training program is not as difficult as imagined. Teachers and students are extremely enthusiastic about guiding and teaching the 5 students.

REACH and teachers have come up with a number of innovative solutions to best support students with hearing-impairment to fully grasp the required skills and knowledge in 1.5 months.

This includes: 

• Using PowerPoint directed lectures that focus on visual and are concise and easy to understand.

• A Sign Volunteer working with the class not only provides support in class, but she also makes instructional clips based on the lectures of the instructors.

• Dividing the group into small teams each with hearing-impaired students to maximize peer learning opportunities for all the group. 

Some photos in the class

 Find out about REACH’s program in HCM: Contact: 096.935.4054


Belgo is a Belgian Craft Beer restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City with a 4.4/5 rating. They were recently (2020) voted as one of the 60 best restaurants for international customers in Vietnam in the prestigious OTA awards. They are also highly acclaimed by local Vietnamese. 

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