Beneficial extracurricular activities at REACH centers

Extracurricular activities are regular activities that occur once in each course at REACH center. In addition to the specialized lessons in Food and Beverage services, Cooking, Hairdressing, Sales, Housekeeping, 2D graphic design, 3D modeling, Web programming, 5-star hotel hospitality, Spa and nail for students at REACH; REACH centers in Hanoi, Hoi An, Hai Duong, Da Nang, and Hue also organize beneficial extracurricular activities for them.

These extra-curricular hours will help students relax after stressful classes. There are also many games to enhance students’ chemistry in a class, between different classes and the whole center as well as connect students and teachers at REACH. Students are also trained in teamwork spirit, along with many useful activities to increase confidence and communication skills.

Extra-curricular activities at REACH Hai Duong

REACH Hai Duong organized a football friendly match between REACH Hanoi’s alumni and REACH Hai Duong’s students during the extra-curricular day. In particular, the Center called for contributions from former students to organize and participate in the program “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” with visually impaired children in Hai Duong Blind Association.

Extra-curricular activities at REACH Hoi An

At REACH Hoi An, the students had helpful extra-curricular activities at the Ecotourism site “ Coconut village “ with many fun games such as Chicken dance, Halloween costumes, Fashion show, Rồng rắn lên mây, etc. ..

Extra-curricular program at REACH Hue

In Hue, the students had an energetic day at the school yard of REACH Hue. Many games and entertainment performances had been carefully prepared.

Extra-curricular program at REACH Ha Noi

The center had all-day extra-curricular activities at the Hai Dang Stadium near the REACH center. This is the largest course ever at REACH Hanoi. Moreover, there were many games and activities such as: meeting and learning about the visually impaired, the history of the White Stick Festival (STEP UP project), experiencing becoming the visually impaired, treasure hunt, jumping bags, football league, and many other exciting activities.

Introduce about STEP UP project and history of white stick

Video chương trình ngoại khóa của REACH Hà Nội

Extracurricular activities of REACH Danang

REACH Dannag also had many beneficial extracurricular activities for students at the center.

Some photos on an extracurricular day

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