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6 months REACH Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is a program that provides career consultation and life skills training over 24 weeks for disadvantaged youth. This program aims to help youngsters find a suitable career, as well as improve their chances of being employed and economically stable. The YCI program in each country is exclusively tailored to match the need of youngsters, to alleviate unemployment, poverty and labor abuse amongst them. At the moment, YCI operates in 22 countries across the world.

Students will receive training in banqueting, food and beverage, security, housekeeping, cooking, pastry cooking, etc. Furthermore, students will be equipped with life skills, English language for work, Microsoft office skills, occupational safety, maternal health-care, and personal finance.


Extracurricular activities: Contests, holiday ceremonies, art performances, events with guest speakers, sports, etc.
Other activities based on the demands of each course.

The students receive training for 24 months in the 5-star hotels and at REACH Center in both job skills and life skills while being in a professional, friendly and safe environment. 
They receive uniforms, lunch when attending classes and reimbursement for traveling costs.
Students from other provinces will receive assistance with accommodation.
They will receive certificates that are accredited by the global YCI program, hotels that participate in the program and REACH Center.
They will have a chance to work for a 5-star hotel, receive career consultation and job introduction after graduation. 

Ms. Bùi Việt Anh
Program Coordinator for YCI
Email: anh.bui@reach.org.vn
Phone: (84-24) 7302 1339