3 month Hanoi

Chef is one of the 12 jobs that always help you guarantee a paid position (according to a trustworthy website in the US). This course focuses on Professional Cooking, which is a fresh start for any aspiring chef.

Based on the increasing demand for labor, REACH Center has develop Professional Cooking Course with a concentration on practical application. Students will spend 1 month taking an internship in restaurants or hotels and experience real working environment. Therefore, Professional Cooking Course is a great base for those who desire to be a chef.

Main aims of this course:
After 3 months studying in REACH, students will be well-prepared with knowledge and skills needed in preparing Asian and Western food:
Knowledge and process when preparing basic Vietnamese food
Preparing skills, how to use common ingredients
Knowledge and process when preparing ingredients and basic Eastern-Western food

Furthermore, students will also be equipped with necessary skills:
Positive thinking, planning skills, etc.
Basic English
Work attitude, skills needed when students apply for a job, etc.

Unlike other courses, REACH’s course includes lessons on life skills in 3 first days, before students start major lessons. These are 12 necessary skills for everyone to succeed in life.

Alongside with major knowledge, students are equipped with basic English that will aid in their work in the future. English lessons run for 30 periods.

Professional Cooking Course will last 3 months, with the following syllabus:
First month
Preparing ingredients
Cutting and chopping ingredients
Mixing ingredients and spices
Methods of cookery
Food hygiene
Second and third months
Basic skills in preparing food
      Types of Cuts and Decoration
Practicing preparing Eastern and Western food:
Chicken soup with corn and mushroom
Five spices char grilled chicken in an inviting salad mix of cabbages, sliced almond, carrot, chili & Vietnamese herbs

Fried fish with lemon sauce
Bò bóp thấu- Traditional Vietnamese Beef Salad with Starfruits and Mints 
Roasted pig trotter with soy sauce
Fried shrimps with sesame and coconut
[Cá thu viên tuyết hoa] – Vietnamese Fish Balls in Snowflakes 
Rolled beef with mushroom and chili sauce
Eel soup
Sautéed eel with citronella and chili
Fried crab with tamarind sauce

This course is specially developed for underprivileged youngsters.
With this course, you are going to learn every single step of preparing and cooking Eastern-Western food, participate in in-class practice, and spend 1 month doing internship. After the course, instructors will introduce some positions for this job that are available. It only takes 3 months and a half to become a chef. What are you waiting for?

Bonus: Other courses typically cost a lot. With REACH, the fees will be discounted by 80%, which makes the cost remains as low as 1.600.000 VND (800.000 VND will be received in the beginning of the course, the rest will be received after you finish the course). REACH Center has programs that provide vocational training for underprivileged youth, which helps to ensure employment rate among Vietnamese youth. This program is only for underprivileged youngsters, don’t miss this rare chance. You can sign up immediately.
Contact: Ms. Hà 0966.910.497 / 04.6291.7042

Ways to sign up for this course:
1. Hand in your application to REACH Center Hanoi in person
2. Mail your application to REACH Center
3. Sign up online and receive an interview booking from our admission officers
For signing up online, please follow this link: