Graphic Design

3 months Hanoi

Currently, Graphic Design (2D) is one of the hottest jobs in the market. Understanding the need to recruit design staff, REACH deploys enrollment for the training program "GRAPHIC DESIGN" in 3,5 months.


Youth in disadvantaged circumstances from 18 to 30 years old, their highest education level is grade 12, belonging to one of the following criteria: 
+ Low-income family (economic challenge, poor)
+ Family under a preferential treatment policy.
+ Returning from military service; Don’t have a stable job (difficult family circumstances)
+ Difficult agricultural and fishing family.
+ Broken family, living with father/ mother or orphaned.
+ Family member(s) suffering from a terminal illness.
+ Teenagers in difficult situations who have not finished grade 12.
+ Ethnic minority teenagers in difficult situations.
+ Others.


✈Equip the students with a basic knowledge of graphic design
✈Understand and practice design in software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, AI
✈Practice cutting, drawing in 3D, creating animations, creating Flash ...
✈Provide basic knowledge about website design: CSS, HTML, creating a website on Dreamweaver CS5, Webstorm, AI interface drawing, ...


Graphic design classes will last for 3.5 months (15 weeks). Every week, students will learn with suitable contents as follows:
+ The first 1.5 months: learn about graphic design - Photoshop tools specializing in photo editing. Teachers will equip students with the knowledge of the use of functional tools in Photoshop. Students will learn by editing photos from wedding photo albums.
+ Next month: Learn about AI - the Illustrator tools - specializing in leaflet, poster and banner design.
+ Final month: Will be equipped with web design knowledge on CSS, HTML ...
Students will also learn English, basic Microsoft office skills, life skills, extra activities ...
After graduation, students can work as graphic designers or website designers. Most of  the students work as graphic designers.


✰ Are supported from 80%-100% tuition fees.
✰ Are provided uniforms.
✰ Are equipped with free short courses in English, Computer Science, Life Skills ...
✰Learn by practicing: learning the theory in class while practicing at the enterprise.
✰✰✰ Especially, 100% of students will be introduced to jobs after completing the course.
Finishing the Graphic Design course, students can become graphic designers, image editors or website designers.


To enroll in REACH, students need to prepare a full record sent via the post office or submit it directly.
Records include:
  • Curriculum vitae as certified by the local authority
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Photo ID
  • Application for vocational training.
  • Copy of their highest educational certificate.
  • 2 portraits size 3x4  
  • Priority papers (if they have them)
=> After that, Students will go to REACH to have an interview.
=> Next, REACH will review the interview records, visit the student's houses, verify their information and give the final results.

How to register:

1st option: Submit directly at REACH.
2nd option: Send records via post office to REACH
3rd option: Apply online and the admissions officer will call to set the interview schedule. 
Online registration link:
Any questions, please contact via: