Sales and Marketing

3 month Hanoi
Sales and marketing is one of the 10 hottest jobs in today’s economy. It can bring attractive income for workers. The Sales and Marketing course at REACH offers not only chances of being successful but also the faith in their own abilities for disadvantaged youth.

Benefits of participating in Sales and Marketing course

- Encouraging the initiative thinking and creativeness of learners
- Helping learners be more confident in communication, socialization, teamwork and professional sales
- Improving soft skills
- Building and forming necessary skills in life and work
- Having the ability to evaluate and deliver solutions to complex problems
- Training endurance and persistence toward the goals
- Raising the skills, using proficiency in professional sales methods such as marketing, online sales
- Helping with career orientation in the future or selection of appropriate well-paid jobs

Training methods at REACH

- Being learner-centered
- Activities based on experience
- Promoting teamwork and collaboration
- Learning is associated with practical issues
- Program is challenging and highly oriented
- Completing learners with 21st century sales skills
- Featuring purposes and orientation of the job
- Maintaining the connection between reality and theory

Exclusive benefits for learners at REACH

- Supporting 80-100% of the tuition fee, equipment and materials
- Teaching English and computer science
- Providing soft skills, life skill, etc.
- All learners will be introduced jobs after the course

Course information

REACH offers regular courses in March, July, and November
Duration: 3.5 months from Monday to Friday (8.30-11.30 and
Contents of sales and marketing class Throughout the course, you will be equipped with the following:
- Basic marketing
- Professional sales skill
- Successful sales tracking skills
- Job orientation and successful interview skills

Specific contents:

First month: General sales and marketing

- Improving soft skills
- Mobile sales (sales tracking, goods display, customer service, practices sales and marketing)
- 4PS marketing (trade promotion, prices, locations, etc.)

Photos: In the field application and market analysis

Second month: Telesales, office computing

Telesales: learning how to use phones in transaction, communication process, successful phone sales, building scripts, handling situations
Office computing skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
Learners are practicing telesales (photos)

Third month: Marketing online, reviewing, graduation exam

Equipping learners with interview skills and basic online marketing knowledge.
In addition, you will learn English, office computing skills and have one day for extracurricular activities. At the end of the cours, you will be helped with job orientation.

Some photos of the class(photos)


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Option 3: Apply online and the admissions officer will schedule an appointment for you

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