EM Hair Salon

EM HAIR SALON is a Social Enterprise initiative where 100% of profits to help disadvantaged young women and girls studying at REACH.

Story of EM

Inspired by the life of EM - one of REACH's former students, with determination and courage she came to REACH's hairdressing training course to start a new life after years of domestic violence. EM HAIR SALON was founded by the cooperation of REACH volunteers, trainees and alumni.

The mission of EM hair salon

EM hair salon was founded with the desire to create a real environment for REACH students studying in the class to have the opportunity to meet and learn to improve their skills. They will talk to customers and understand the needs of customers. The students will be trained by the professional stylist with specific guidance. 
In addition, 100% of the salon's profits will be used to support additional trainees studying at REACH.

Service quality in EM

You will be assured of the quality of customer care and styling services provided by skilled and experienced hair stylists, all products are genuine. EM is always proud of receiving positive feedback from both local and foreign customers.

Some images at EM Hair salon:


Address: No. 53, Pho Duc Chinh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
Hotline: +84 24 6687 5115
Very pleased to serve you at EM hair salon 1!

Address: No. 7, Do Quang, Trung Hoa, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
Hotline: +84 024 6659 2551
Very pleased to serve you at EM hair salon 2!