GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH
At REACH, as a non-profit organization, people often ask us where our funding comes from. We tell them “Various sources, but mainly from international foundations and individuals”.

This answer confuses them.

GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH

GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH


“Why would people give their money to strangers in a country out of nowhere?” they ask.

In a developing country like Vietnam, where many people are struggling to feed their families and working conditions are unstable, these are not strange questions to ask.

As human beings, most of us like to share and enjoy our lives better when we do. Once we are able to support ourselves, we can start to support our families, friends, and colleagues, and then we can start to think about supporting people in other countries.

For many business organizations, profit is not the only motivation. Sustainable development all over the world also features prominently.

GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH

G-Star RAW, a well-known international denim brand, is a great example.

In 2007, G-Star RAW established the GSRD Foundation, its philanthropic arm, based in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to positively impact people and communities in the countries where G-Star products are made,” says the manager of the GSRD Foundation.

GSRD started their development work in Vietnam in 2014, and this is also where their partnership with REACH began.

“By providing Vietnam’s most disadvantaged youth with adequate skills that lead to gainful employment REACH directly contributes to our mission,” the GSRD Foundation manager explains.

GSRD accompanies REACH

In the past five years, the contribution from GSRD has enabled REACH to train and place over 5,000 underprivileged youth insecure jobs, and transform their lives in a sustainable way.

“REACH has one of the highest numbers of trained youth and youth that are placed in jobs among GSRD’s partners. The organization is also unique in its ability to involve an impressive network of 3,700 businesses, with whom they closely collaborate to provide the students with on-the-job training, internships, and job opportunities.” (GSRD Foundation)

GSRD is very committed to supporting the sustainable development of Vietnam.

In March, GSRD Foundation confirmed their support of their partnership with REACH for the next 2 years. The new grant cycle addresses broader objectives aiming to help REACH become more sustainable, not just maintaining the existing training program.

From our visits to the project, in 2015 and 2019, we witnessed firsthand the impressive progress made during this time,” The manager of the GSRD Foundation says. “We are proud to be one of REACH’s long-term partners and hope to be able to support REACH in its ambition to strengthen the organization and scale up its training programs to reach even more vulnerable youth.”

This is amazing news that comes in a gloomy period during which the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively affecting millions of most vulnerable people in Vietnam.

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