KOI Bento

KOI Bento is a social enterprise committed to using 100% of the profits to support young people learning at REACH.

KOI Bento is a Japanese lunch shop with corporate training model. KOI Bento opens up the opportunity to be trained directly in the business environment for disadvantaged youth. The dishes at KOI are completely Japanese style, the main ingredients imported from Japan, extremely sophisticated processing, eye-catching decoration, and door-to-door delivery. The students are engaged in food processing under the strict quality control of the professional chef.


- Being the model of business-oriented to training, continuously training disadvantaged young people, helping them to be more confident after graduation.
- Being a great opportunity for cooking class to improve their work skills, apply the theory into practice.
- Combining business with training activities for students in classes: Sales & Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design, ...
- Helping REACH design training curricula with real needs.
- Being on a quality improvement and scale expansion. 
- 100% of the profits will be used to support REACH courses.
Choose KOI Bento for quality and nutritious lunch!
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KOI Bento is pleased to serve you! 
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