Bui Viet Anh

Bui Viet Anh - Danang Center Manager at REACH organization (1)

Bui Viet Anh – Danang Center Manager at REACH organization (1)

Mrs. Bui Viet Anh has worked as Danang Center Manager.

She has been working at REACH’s organization since June 2011.

Especially she was participating a focused role as a Human Resource in the beginning. She also joined some abroad exchange programs from REACH to raise and develop her knowledge to be able to support REACH’s success.

Holding the Danang Manager position, Mrs.Anh has proven the success of Danang brand with his leadership, management, and innovation throughout organization projects for Danang city.

Thanks to Mrs.Viet Anh has been a cheerful leader in Danang brand at REACH.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration at Hanoi University.

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