Ngo Thi Binh

Ngo Thi Binh Head of HR and Admistration at REACH organization

Ngo Thi Binh – Head of HR and Admistration at REACH organization

Mrs. Ngo Thi Binh has been the Head of HR and Administration at REACH since July 2018.

Working on Human Resource Management, she has employed many potential and talented employees at REACH to help the organization’s success.

With a very kind heart & rich experience in HR, she plays an important role in order to find talents working at REACH organization.

Mrs.Binh loves REACH’s mission deeply, she believes human’s talents come together can achieve more when we all understand and trust each other’s works.

Her leadership, Intelligent, and management skills have supported HR Teamwork professionally along the way.

Thanks to Mrs.Binh for her phenomenal works on Human Resources.

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