Anh Nguyen a REACH student

17 Jun, 2020

The Rain in Vietnam: Anh’s Story

Anh Nguyen, a graphic design student. “My mom never stopped working… even when she was sick,” Anh says. But all that hard work took its toll. The health of Anh’s mother deteriorated quickly.

Mai Quynh Dao my father dream

17 Jun, 2020

My father’s dream

Mai's story at REACH "I wish my father could see how great I did, and how successful I am now. "

Nong Van Hai - The transformation of an orphan

19 Mar, 2020

The transformation of an orphan

Hai’s childhood was nothing but darkness and agony. Born in 1995, in Quang Ninh province, his parents left him at 11 so he was raised by a neighbor until he became independent.