REACH organizes the courses which the youths can learn quickly and work in areas having a high demand for labor. Our target students are usually supported from 80% to 100% of the tuition fees.

The courses offered at REACH are not only vocational training. We care for each and every student, consider them as part of the REACH family. We continue accompanying them in at least 6 months after graduation to ensure them getting and maintaining good jobs. This is what makes our courses special.

1- REACH training courses vary from 3 to 6 months, those include:


Video Editing course

Teaching students on how to use software to design and edit videos

3D modeling course

Educating students on how to create 3D models, objects, houses by using 3D max software

Web coding course

Training students on how to build and design websites

Graphic design course

Instructing students to edit photos and design pictures with Photoshop and other software


Hospitality - 5 star (YCI)

REACH collaborates with 5 stars hotels in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city to support students with practical training of different fields within the hotels.

Food & Beverage course

Training students on how to prepare fruit juice, tea, coffee, cocktails as well as professional skills for restaurants and hotels in Europe and Asia.

Housekeeping course

Providing students with the technical know-how to set up rooms in hotels to international standards.

Cooking course

Learning about food preparation and recipes for over 200 dishes of all kinds.


Hairdressing course

Guiding students to practice basic hair and nail care tips and techniques.

Spa Therapy & Nail Services course

Training students skincare and nail painting tips and techniques.

Marketing & Sales course

Learning selling skills, telesales skills and e-commerce skills


Step Up

Providing training of soft skills, English, physical education, orientation and mobility, work-related skills for blind people.


Online Training

REACH had been designing some modules for students to study online.