Vietnam is a country with great opportunities. This is why our focus is on disadvantaged youth, who are likely to miss out on these opportunities because they have to overcome challenges that most do not have.

Our graduates, who have reached out for their own future, have demonstrated great courage and determination. Through hard work, they are turning their lives around. Meet some of our inspiring students and read their stories below.

REACH courses are designed exclusively for street and migrant youth, school dropouts, unemployed secondary school graduates and resettlement community members.

This includes young people in the following circumstances:

Economically poor family backgrounds
Economically poor family backgrounds
Victims of violence, gender inequality or discrimination
Victims of violence, gender inequality or discrimination

(Living with disability; Violence victim, trafficked victim, single mother, LGBT+, Ethnic minority)

Youth lack of family care
Youth lack of family care
At risk young people
At risk young people
Economically affected youth
Economically affected youth

We find our students through our mobilization campaigns.

In the months before a new course starts, our staff run a recruitment drive, via local organizations like the Youth Union, contacts such as the commune leaders in areas where our students are likely to live, and places young people frequent such as markets and bus stations.

We work closely with other NGOs who support our target group. Our students talk to their friends and neighbors – word of mouth is a great recommendation., and our Alumni also get involved.

Together we make sure that young people learn about our program and sign up.

  • Mai Quynh Dao my father dream

    Mai Quynh Dao

    My father’s dream
    Course: REACH Hanoi - Hairdressing

    I wish my father could see how great I did, and how successful I am now ...

  • Trang's story at REACH


    Made with Love and Peppered with Hope
    Course: REACH Hanoi - Graphic Design

    Finding REACH was very fortunate for me. It opened for me a gateway of opportunity to be trained and to have a job ...

  • Nong Van Hai - The transformation of an orphan

    Hai, Nong Van

    The transformation of an orphan
    Course: Web coding REACH Hanoi

    Hai’s childhood was nothing but darkness and agony. Born in 1995, in Quang Ninh province, his parents left him at 11 s ...

  • Minh Thi Thu Phung, Graphic Design student

    Minh, Phung Thi Thu

    Minh smashes gender stereotypes on the path to fulfilling her dreams
    Course: Graphic Design REACH Hanoi - batch 46

    For Minh’s parents, computers were a ‘man’s thing’. They had many concerns about letting their daughter study IT ...

  • Thuong Kieu - graphic design student at REACH HN

    Thuong Thi Kieu

    Thuong Thi Kieu
    Course: Batch 44 REACH Hanoi - Graphic Design 2D

    Since studying at REACH, I have built up my beliefs and aspirations, and that is what has helped me move forward. ...

  • Oanh story at REACH

    Oanh Thi Nguyen

    Oanh Thi Nguyen
    Course: Batch 39 REACH Hue - Food & Beverage

    Because of her family poverty and her pessimism about future jobs after graduation from college, she decided to drop out ...