REACH Alumni Come Back to Give Back

In the lead up to Tet REACH alumni have taken to the streets of Hai Duong to pick up rubbish and feed those less fortunate to further enhance REACH’s model as a socially responsible NGO.

The exercise, organised by REACH center in Hai Duong, saw alumni from both Ha Noi and Hai Duong come together further strengthening their bonds and providing them with an invaluable networking opportunity.

“It’s been a great way to finish my year,” said La Nguyen, who graduated from REACH in July 2019. “It has been a while since I last saw my friends.”

members of REACH Hai Duong and REACH Ha Noi.
In attendance were 55 members of REACH Hai Duong Alumni Club, and 20 students and alumni of REACH Ha Noi.

The Hai Duong Youth Union, a local organization and a long term recruitment partner, also played a key role. They helped organize the event and participated alongside the REACH alumni cleaning the local military cemetery and the nearby streets.

300 chung cake made by REACH alumni
Thien Nhan Tam Charity Club, another recruitment partner of REACH, assisted students and alumni to make Chung cakes. These cakes were then delivered to less fortunate people with the hope it would be the start of a warm and delightful Tet festival.

alumni made Chung cake

Alumni made Chung cake

It was tiring,” said Long Nguyen, a web-coding class student, “but we felt elated at being able to help the community that much.”

Not only did the alumni give back on the streets and in the underprivileged villages of Hai Duong but they also had a great time together afterwards. They laughed and shared stories about their work and lives after REACH in a team building session run by REACH staff.


Overall, the alumni that attended the event had a fantastic experience.

Hai Duong center manager, Bien Pham, could not have been more ecstatic about the outcome.

In the bitter cold of Lunar New Year, I felt cheerful watching the alumni network grow stronger and stronger. This does not only align with our mission but also serves as a solid foundation for recruitment in the years ahead… Our alumni are undoubtedly real evidence that REACH can, and is, transforming lives”.

At REACH, we pride ourselves not just on the quality of our vocational training but also on the ongoing commitment of our alumni to create a better Vietnam. We firmly believe that personal development is not just about knowledge or skill, but it is also about connecting, forging long lasting friendships, and creating a solid support network.

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