REACH is ready for COVID return

REACH is ready for COVID return after the initial outbreak and containment four months ago. While COVID has caused much disruption REACH has made a specific plan to overcome the difficulties created by COVID and prepare it better for its return or even another pandemic.

Online Interview to learn at REACH under COVID time

Experience from the 1st COVID prompted REACH to create a second online interview program. This was recently conducted and went quickly and smoothly.

Ms. Ngoc Hang, the manager of Hanoi Center, said: “Online interviews help students get information early to prepare for classes. The YA group is also more active in preparing documents, data, and MIS updates. Teachers also have more time to carefully review each applicant which was. especially important in August due to a large number of applicants. Home ‘visits’ conducted with online video links have also proved to be most beneficial and perhaps even better than the previous physical visits. “

In July, REACH Hà Nội interviewed 97 online candidates of which 80 candidates were accepted. There are another 70 applicants on the records for the next interview round.

Other centers will conduct online interviews at the end of August.

Mr. Trinh Ngoc Giap, Youth Affairs at REACH Hanoi shared this about the online interview process:
“Online interviews for highland students had many advantages. The applicants did not have to outlay the expenses on traveling to Hanoi; talking directly with parents through online video was very reassuring for them; REACH staff got a good impression on the applicants’ situation; applicants got a good ‘feel’ of the situation at REACH in Hanoi, their teachers and where they would be studying.”

Some photos of the online interview at REACH Hanoi.

Standardizing an online training program at REACH

REACH learned much from its first-round of online training. As a result, it has reviewed and evaluated the program and made significant improvements to standardize the online training program for each class.

Ms. Ngoc Hang, training coordinator, and manager of REACH Hanoi Center said: “To get the best results when conducting online training in the future REACH will conduct lessons that are no more than 90 minutes. Depending on the training content for each class, there will be 3-5 specialized periods/week and 1-3 English periods/week. The rest of the time will be spent on self-study, responding to online exercises, and seeking direct one-on-one assistance from teachers”.

She added: “For each class, we have selected the most suitable modules for online training and ease of learning for students. Lectures are also designed so that they are interesting for students with many videos, PowerPoint, and other visual content.

Choosing a method that is suitable and also cost-effective has presented new problems for REACH management. REACH is keen to strengthen its online learning capacity. In August REACH Hai Duong will trial at the online classroom platform AZlearning. This will be evaluated and compared with other platforms and the most suitable training model for the whole organization will be adopted.

Difficulty in conducting online training at REACH

  • Online or distance training also presented some problems.
  • REACH’s target group is young people who are in difficult circumstances. Many of those are in remote areas and find it difficult to connect with technology.
  • There is no direct interaction, so it lacks a real cohesion, students can be easily distracted.
  • Lack of practice and experience with technology,
  • Difficulty in class management when students work separately, difficulties in engaging the whole class and setting up group activities,
  • Prolonged studying on computers/phones can be boring and tiring
  • 50% of students applying for IT and design in Hanoi did not have access to a computer to practice between classes.

With an understanding of these difficulties, the REACH Team will develop new and effective solutions to ensure that the quality of training is maintained and that it aligns with REACH program and mission.

REACH also will look for new solutions to ensure that any candidates who were unable to participate in this last online training session have opportunities in the future.

REACH is ready for Covid return

REACH is ready for Covid return

Let’s join REACH to overcome the COVID pandemic.

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