8 Award Winners Celebrated at ZSL London Zoo, Sharing In Prizes Totalling $530,000.

London, UK – September 11th, 2019 – A year long search for the recipients of the inaugural Transforming Lives Awards concluded Monday night with a gala reception held at ZSL London Zoo.  After a full day of panel discussions, Alquity’s Future World Forum, winners found themselves surrounded by over 200 esteemed guests, in what was a night of celebration and discussion of positive change in the world.

“This event reminds why we built Alquity - to prove that there is a new way of doing business. One that equally aligns business and society’s interests so that they positively reinforce each other. I am excited to see what the future has in store for our first ever winners.”  – Paul Robinson, Chairman, Alquity


These awards have been made possible through Alquity’s unique business model, where a minimum of 10% of revenues are donated to development projects in the regions they invest.   Each of the 8 recipient organisations are  excellent nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who are focused on UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: improving livelihoods, productive employment and decent work for all.

“When I joined as CEO of Alquity, I did so in the belief that making positive impact in the world can be made possible through our business model.  After witnessing the response to these awards from clients, industry colleagues, media, and these winning organisations; that belief has been reaffirmed a hundred times over.” – Brad Crombie, CEO, Alquity.

The 2019 Award Recipients Were:


“I am eternally grateful for our partnership with Philanthropy University and to our co-funding sponsors Water Unite and UBS Optimus Foundation, for participating with us in funding these awards; not to mention the numerous client and referral partners who continue support our vision & our work.” – Paul Robinson, Chairman, Alquity.

The Executive Director of REACH, Ms. Tam Pham received Transforming Lives Awards in London




Nearly half of Vietnam’s population is aged between 15 and 39 years. The country is facing the challenge of producing jobs for its young and expanding labour force and providing the relevant skillset for growing service and manufacturing sectors. REACH’s overall objectives are to provide vocational training to equip underprivileged Vietnamese youth to gain employment. There are training courses in a range of sectors such as beauty, web design and hospitality. Over 80% of REACH graduates find jobs and graduates are on average paid 20% above minimum wage.


India generates an estimated 62 million tonnes of waste annually. Up to 4 million waste pickers sort and segregate recyclable waste and sell it further up the value chain. Waste pickers often hail from the most marginalized communities in urban spaces. Plastics for Change’s program revolves around strengthening the supply chain of waste management with regard to plastic waste and intervening to minimize exploitation of waste pickers. A fair price for the plastic collected by waste pickers is guaranteed. Also, the middlemen like scrap shop owners are incentivized on the goods they procure and the price they pay.


Flowers are a big part of religious rituals in India. It is estimated that approximately 800 million tonnes of flowers are offered annually across the temples, mosques and gurudwara in India. These generous offerings turn into colossal waste and are detrimental to our environment.

Phool collects discarded flowers to keep them out of the water supply, then “flower-cycles” them into charcoal-free incense. The enterprise employs women from the lower social and economic strata, where they collect 11.8 tonnes of flowers on a daily basis from more than 130 temples and mosques.



In Ghana, six out of ten women are illiterate, 95% of women work in the informal sector and earn 75% less than men. Global Mamas community works to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families. They achieve prosperity by creating and selling high-quality handmade products using traditional methods. Being able to do work that they are good at and love, women are empowered and have financial independence. Global Mamas’ producers make on average 75% more than the minimum wage and 30% more than the average worker in the same industry in Ghana.


Since the 1950s, it is estimated that around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide. Gjenge Makers aims to become the major provider of durable, recycled construction material through Kenya and the African continent. Their mission is to provide sustainable and affordable housing while promoting a recycling and upcycling culture. They currently produce bricks from discarded plastic. They employ 112 people from marginalized communities as plastic pickers, providing jobs to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to work.


40% of the world’s children will be African by the turn of the century. Educate! tackles youth unemployment by partnering with schools and governments to reform what schools teach and how they teach it – this is so that students in Africa have the skills to start businesses, get jobs and drive development in their communities. The organization’s participants earn nearly double the income of their peers towards the end of school. They are also 50% more likely to be employed and 44% more likely to own a business.


In Latin America, the completion rate of tertiary education is as low as 14%. Laboratoria’s mission is to give Latin American women from unprivileged backgrounds a career in technology, transforming their future and the industry that receives them. The organization prepares women from underserved contexts as software developers and user experience designers through an immersive 6-month coding bootcamp and then places them in jobs in tech. Their graduates go on to build transformational careers for themselves while filling in the enormous talent and gender gap in technology.


Maré ranks 123rd out of 126 Rio de Janeiro neighbourhoods in the Human Development Index, with community-facing low levels of education, high levels of unemployment and extremely high levels of drug gang and state violence. Luta Pela Paz (part of a global organization – Fight For Peace) use boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realize the potential of young people in communities affected by crime and violence. The organization works with youth in Maré favela, Rio, where they use a methodology that provides a series of holistic and integrated service to give young people the tools to build peaceful, positive and productive lives. A key component of their method is employability – providing training, psycho-social support and access to opportunities.


About Alquity 

Alquity is a responsible investment manager with a unique investment approach to Emerging and Frontier Markets that seeks to maximise returns and deliver a positive socio-economic impact in the regions it invests. 


Alquity applies ESG standards to indicate forward-looking performance and source alpha, whilst mitigating against risks and volatility via its own funds: Alquity Africa, Latin America, India Subcontinent, Asia and Future World Funds.  


As well as investing in great companies that operate responsibly, the company also makes donations of at least to 10% of its fee revenue to help the poor and marginalised in society to create jobs and businesses and a virtuous circle of economic growth that benefits company holdings, employees, communities and investors.


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J.P. Morgan partners with REACH to tackle youth unemployment


Global financial services firm J.P. Morgan and REACH yesterday announced a renewed partnership that will see 800 disadvantaged youth across Vietnam access free job-ready training.

Disadvantaged youth receive top honours from Hanoi’s 5-star hotels


Managers of Hanoi’s biggest five-star hotels have paid tribute to 28 disadvantaged youth for completing a grueling 24-week training program.

REACH wins Stars Foundation Impact Award for outstanding work with youth


REACH is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the 24 global winners of the prestigious Stars Foundation Impact Award.

Celebrating the partnership between REACH and the British Council


Since 2012 the British Council has been in a partnership with REACH. Today is the day we celebrate all that has come from this partnership. It is an honor to cooperate with such a prestigious organization.

New training area launched in Hue


Starting in November 2014, REACH’s very first Beauty Spa and Makeup class has graduated from our new Beauty Spa and Makeup facility in Hue.

Launching REACH’s 10th anniversary program


Message from REACH Executive Director