Celebrating the partnership between REACH and the British Council


 Since 2012 the British Council has been in a partnership with REACH. Today is the day we celebrate all that has come from this partnership. It is an honor to cooperate with such a prestigious organization. This is a good time to acknowledge all the knowledge and experience that has been given to REACH and its employees. The British Council supports REACH with 5 main activities. 

1. To help standardize and develop the English Teaching curriculum. This happens within a diversity of courses: food & beverage, sales & marketing, web & graphic design, housekeeping and YCI. YCI is a youth career initiative which exists out of a 6 months course. The course is in cooperation with several famous hotel chains e.g. Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental and Marriot. The British Council has helped matching the needs of the market with a curriculum which suits the needs of the students. This resulted in a higher quality of the courses and students who are ready to enter the work field.  Improving the curriculum for all these courses has increased the teaching capacity of REACH, which enables us to teach more students every year.   
2. To train staff with their Train the Trainer program. In this program the teachers are trained on how to educate students. A variety of employees, from all the five provinces REACH is active in, have benefited from this program. All levels of English from beginner to advanced are making progress. Training the facilitators of REACH creates more capacity within the courses. Improving their English language skills result in: delivering better classes, managing the students better and creating an outstanding curriculum on their own. 
3. To provide scholarships for staff to attend English Language training at the British Council center. REACH staff is provided with scholarship to follow English language courses at the British Council centers in Vietnam. As an NGO with a foreign partner this increases the capacity on all business levels of the company. Teachers, administration staff, marketing and communication, they all benefit of the scholarships offered. 
4.   To send volunteers to teach English at REACH. The British Council sends volunteers who bring a constant flow of expertise and knowledge. The volunteers are dedicated beyond expectation. Having the professional influence of experts means a lot to the REACH working environment. They are willing to help the processes within the business and bring in a lot of new ideas for improvements. They are dedicated even after leaving REACH and always willing to help and answer questions. This relationship creates commitment beyond the partnership, which is a great gift. 
5. To provide technical support for the REACH teachers by observing lessons, recommend improvements and follow up on these activities. The British Council is involved in the complete process for the English teaching curriculum. Not only the design and training, but also after they still visit to observe the lessons given to the students. They keep recommending improvements to the teachers and staff and follow up on all the activities. 
We are very grateful for their constant support. All these supporting activities result in a higher quality of the curriculum and a larger quantity of students who can be educated. At this moment REACH is able to teach 1200 disadvantage youth a year. These young adults come from a diversity of backgrounds, disabled, poor and trafficked. The opportunity to study at REACH gives them a chance of a better future. The vocational training provides them with everything they need to work in the service sector. 80% of the students finds a job, and is able to keep the job, after graduation. The improvements made by the partnership are long lasting and have made a definite impact in the life of the students. The capacity of REACH keeps increasing because of this partnership and we want to say thank you to all people who have been and will be involved through this partnership. We are making a difference together and we are very grateful for the support from British Council. 
REACH would like to express our special thank to Graham Harris, volunteer from British Council, for being the initial connection and making this partnership happen. More than anything else, we highly value Graham's contribution in improving English training curriculum and capacity building for REACH English teachers. This has set a strong foundation to bring more effective English teaching program at REACH.
 Graham Harris, teacher from British Council, works with English teachers at REACH 
to review English training curriculum.

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