Meet the beautiful Food and Beverage facilitator at REACH Hanoi

“I will try harder to contribute my youth to accompany the mission of REACH: Supporting disadvantaged young people to have vocational training and employment”, Ms. Ngoc Nguyen said.

Food and Beverage facilitator
Ms Ngoc Nguyen - Food and Beverage facilitator

Ms. Nguyen is one of the facilitators who has been with REACH for more than 5 years. She has hardly worked supporting vocational training for about 400 students over 17 courses.

Her youthfulness, dynamism, and enthusiasm always raises the Food and Beverage Service (F&B) class spirit.

“It would be very difficult to count all memories that I have at REACH” says Ms Nguyen. People who say “Devils, ghost then come students” (Vietnamese proverb) are not wrong. Her most unforgettable memory was from batch 42. 

It was near my birthday, but I forgot and did not pay attention. Finishing my class, I went to have lunch with my mother and aunt. Suddenly, I received a phone call from the vice president: Ms Ngoc, Hau and Cong are fighting. I was not only worried about the students but also worried they will be expelled for fighting” she said.

At that time, it was very difficult to leave my mother and aunt, so I called one of the other students to stop Hau and Cong fighting.”

Ms Nguyen as big brown eyes that light up as she tells this story. 

“Then my students sent me a photo of them Hau and Cong’s taping their heads and feet together. I could not believe my eyes, I had to say sorry to my mom and aunt and head back to REACH.”

“When I got back to the center, I asked everyone I saw  ‘Did you see what happened to my class?’, Everyone shook their heads. When I got back to my classroom, I saw the glass door was covered with paper, I thought this class has cleverly covered the glass with paper so no one would know they were fighting. I was frustrated and thought about punishing them immediately. I knocked on the door angrily but when they opened the door, it was amazing. I saw 19 students with my birthday cake singing Happy Birthday to me.

I can not describe my feelings. I was both bewildered and happy.I didn't think my students were so sentimental. We had a small sweet party and some music performances and the relationship between my students and I became even stronger."
tập thể lớp F&B K42 tại REACH Hà Nội
Ms Nguyen with students batch 42

Her happiness is not only in memories but also in working with a group of young, healthy, enthusiastic, dynamic students that makes her work fun. In particular, seeing the students grow, develop and be successful. Each course welcomes many different groups of students, from different provinces, each of them brings hope to the future so her work is never boring.

"What is more wonderful than when you go to work to earn money to support yourself but still contribute to building a better society". 

Ms Ngoc’s the best advice for new students at REACH: "If life is considered MUSIC, youth is the MESSAGE! Youth age passes as quickly as the blink of an eye ... Do not waste the best years of your life only existing, playing around and whining about life. Let your youth be the best years of your life. Dare to live with dreams, be passionate about learning, and constantly improve yourself.

Food and Beverage course always welcomes passionate young people. 
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