Mrs Tam Transforming Lives journey in Europe

In September 2018, REACH’s Director, Mrs Pham Thi Thanh Tam came to London to receive Transforming Lives Awards and meet REACH’s international partners and funders in Europe.

Receive Transforming Lives Awards


I am very honored to be invited to London, representing REACH as one of the eight organisations that won Transforming Lives Awards from over 600 organisations worldwide”. Ms.Pham said: “This is an opportunity where we can meet, exchange knowledge, and learn from each other and find out more effective and creative model to help disadvantaged communities around the world”.

Mrs Tam Transforming Lives Awards
Mrs. Pham receive Transforming Lives Awards

She emphasized: “After meeting, we have created a community which continue to work together, support each other, and create better social impacts.”

From the bottom of her heart, she is extremely grateful to Alquity Foundation: “Thanks to Alquity foundation, I have a chance to come and connect with a lot of organisations, businesses which have a wish to conduct community activities. Especially, which one is interesting in REACH program”.

Meet REACH ‘s partners in Europe

In UK, Ms.Pham visited the office of Epic Foundation; 17 Capital and YCI global office.

Visit Epic Foundation offices in London and Paris

Thanks to the support of Epic Foundation, REACH has developed and expanded many sectors and working scale. Visiting Epic Office in London and Paris, Mrs Tam had an opportunity to represent about the REACH’s achievements supported by Epic throughout the last 4 years.

In 2015, REACH is one of 20 organisations, from 1400 organisations in 70 countries worldwide, receives “The Most Impactful Organisation Awards” by Epic Foundation.  It has sparked a momentous turning-point for REACH. 

Mrs Tam Transforming Lives Awards
Mrs Pham and Epic Team in Paris

This is my precious chance to visit Epic foundation especially have meeting with Mr Alexandre Mars – Founder and Manager of Epic.” Mrs Pham shared: “He has inspired a lot of important experiences and motivation for me.”

Meet a Global Financial Management Group, 17 Capital


In that time, Mrs.Pham met more than 30 senior officials in 17 Capital. She feels excited to remember in that moment: “I was surprised when all of them were interesting in REACH. Especially, some of them decided to support REACH from now. It was amazing

Mrs Tam Transforming Lives Awards
Mrs Pham represent about REACH in 17 Capital

“I met YCI global in London” Mrs.Pham said.

She and YCI global team has looked back on the journey of YCI program in Vietnam. Moreover, they also discussed the developmental strategy in the coming time, especially the expansion of program in Danang, Vietnam.

Mrs Tam Transforming Lives Awards
Mrs Pham and YCI Global team

In France

Meet The Advisers from Empower

I met the advisers from Empower. Both of us updated our activities, then we make a plan to improve REACH’s staff ability as well as other NGO which is supported by Empower”.

In Switzerland

In this trip, Mrs Tam also met many close partners of REACH as Mrs Maltby Vicky, who has helped REACH in last 3 years; Giving Woman organization will support REACH in coming time; Dora Funds which has some projects about disability in Vietnam; Tutato Funds which focuses on IT, and has some systems, software about  effectively managing beneficiaries. 
Mrs Tam Transforming Lives Awards
Mrs Tam and Mrs Maltby Vicky

Mrs Maltby Vicky
Mrs Pham and Members of Giving Woman Organization

She also said “This is my longest working-trip ever. I have been in England, France, Sweden and met a lot of interesting people.”

I had a wonderful dinner with founders of Ganesha Funds. They are President Oracle, Mr Loic and his wife, Mrs. Maurice. We talked about many things”. Mrs Tam’s eyes seemed brightly when she shared about Loic’s achievement: “He joined Oracle when it was only a small organization. And now, it has been widened to become an international company with more than 140.000 employees. He also cares about helping REACH in coming time, especially promoting the development of Revina - social enterprises of REACH. That is really wonderful.

Mrs Pham Transforming Lives Awards
Ms. Mrs Pham and The founding members of Ganesha Foundation

I also has a chance to meet a lot of volunteers, organisations, and friends who had been supporting REACH for a long time.” She said more: “Even some people supported REACH 10 years ago, but they still care and follow REACH such as a couple of David and Cathy who were volunteers from VSO; the volunteer from Project Abroad, Mr.Dominic and etc”.
She emphasized “I am really thankful for the warming welcome from all the individuals, organization and partners in this trip. They all are so amazing. I was so excited to welcome them to visit REACH in the future.

Other news

J.P. Morgan partners with REACH to tackle youth unemployment


Global financial services firm J.P. Morgan and REACH yesterday announced a renewed partnership that will see 800 disadvantaged youth across Vietnam access free job-ready training.

Disadvantaged youth receive top honours from Hanoi’s 5-star hotels


Managers of Hanoi’s biggest five-star hotels have paid tribute to 28 disadvantaged youth for completing a grueling 24-week training program.

REACH wins Stars Foundation Impact Award for outstanding work with youth


REACH is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the 24 global winners of the prestigious Stars Foundation Impact Award.

Celebrating the partnership between REACH and the British Council


Since 2012 the British Council has been in a partnership with REACH. Today is the day we celebrate all that has come from this partnership. It is an honor to cooperate with such a prestigious organization.

New training area launched in Hue


Starting in November 2014, REACH’s very first Beauty Spa and Makeup class has graduated from our new Beauty Spa and Makeup facility in Hue.

Launching REACH’s 10th anniversary program


Message from REACH Executive Director