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Whoo-hoo! We’ve made Asia’s final 6 in the Transforming Lives Awards!


REACH has been named one of the 6 Asian regional finalists in the Philanthropy University and Alquity Transforming Lives Awards and the whole team could not be more excited! Under the auspices of fundraising officer, Anh Nguyen, an initial application was put forward in November into the first round of the awards. Once accepted, a second full application was put forward in January. Since then it has been an anxious wait.

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Career orientation, vocational training, introducing jobs has never been easy, particularly for the disadvantaged people in society. For that reason, not many people are confident enough to develop activities on this segment, even charity organizations or clubs. However, REACH has proved that this is not impossible when it is courageous to venture into difficult areas and achieve success as a social enterprise.

REACH’s Revina REACHes the One Year Mark!


REACH’s first social enterprise, Revina, has celebrated its one year anniversary over the weekend proving that success does indeed come with hard work and initiative. The event, held at Revina’s new offices in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, saw praise heaped on the young workforce who have managed to grow a thriving enterprise that is now dealing with customers all around the world including the UK, Australia, and the United States.

Bartending Competition Heightens Thirst For Success


Superstar REACH students, Trang Huyền Thị Ngô and Diu Thi Nguyen, have competed in the augural Interschool Bartending Competition at the Unicorn Bar in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, giving them a fantastic opportunity to try out their skills under pressure. The competition was fierce and the battle hard fought but in the end their could only be one winner with Lộc from KOTO taking out the top prize.

Team Ignite sparks leadership aspirations at REACH!


Vietnam’s premier leadership development and executive coaching company, Team Ignite, has delivered a high quality leadership course to REACH staff to further develop their leadership capabilities. “It was a great experience,” said fundraising officer, Anh Nguyen. “I learned a lot about how to be a better leader and the value of working as part of a team.”

REACH supports alumni of a career in Hairdressing and Nail


In June 2019, 2 alumni named Nhu and Mai, graduated from the Hairdressing and Nail course at Hanoi REACH Center and were eligible for the startup support project “50 Female Students Empowered With Job Skill Training In Class And Real Field”. This is a project which supports 50 female students to have vocational training in hairdressing both in and outside the classroom.

Guest Chef, Vuong Pham, takes batch 44 cooking students on a culinary adventure!


Batch 44 cooking class students have been treated to a cooking demonstration with chairman of the Sai Gon Professional Chef’s Guild, Chef Vuong Pham. The course, which took place at REACH’s practice kitchen in Tu Liem, was run in association with Annam Foods’ Hanoi branch and Japanese brand Kikkoman.

Campaign “Spreading REACH throughout the regions”


REACH has been working for over 10 years in vocational training and employment support for disadvantaged youth but not everyone knows about this meaningful program. In order to promote REACH's image in the community, all REACH staff, teachers, and students join the campaign “Bringing REACH throughout the regions”.

Opening new course Cooking class at REACH Hue center


In July 2019, the REACH Center in Hue will open a new course - Cooking class. Cooking is one of the first expanded courses opened in REACH Hanoi in 2016. Until now, REACH has delivered10 courses with 184 graduates.

All the way from the USA our new volunteer is hitting the ground running!


Kaylan Tat has only been at REACH a week but she’s had no shortage of good ideas and is already on her way to effecting some real change in Vietnam. Her work ethic and commitment to her role suggest that it’s more than likely she will succeed at anything she puts her mind to which is good because Tat has a vision.