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Congratulations to more than 300 graduates and welcomed 542 new students at REACH


the course in 2019-2020 marked a leap of REACH with more than 500 students in 5 centers Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hai Duong.

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Full scholarship opportunity from RMIT University for REACH graduates


Disadvantaged youth from REACH will have a great chance to further their education with a full scholarship, worth AUD 92,000, from RMIT University Vietnam.

The transformation of an orphan


Hai’s childhood was nothing but darkness and agony. Born in 1995, in Quang Ninh province, his parents left him at 11 so he was raised by a neighbor until he became independent.

Mental health care training for teachers at REACH


Last week, teachers at REACH got through the final lesson of a “mental health care” training course. The training course was delivered by Lisa Bernstein, senior student counselor from RMIT university. It included 2 modules “Basic help skills” and “Self-care and boundaries”.

Minh smashes gender stereotypes on the path to fulfilling her dreams


In Vietnam, gender stereotypes still exist, more or less, everywhere from urban centers to the remote countryside. They have affected lives in many ways as they socially define the pathways for men and women whether they want to follow them or not. This is no more apparent than in the relationships between young people and their parents.

Opening Ceremony of Step Up project - stage 3


On the 3rd of February, the Blind Association of Dong Da district, Ha Noi has carried out the opening ceremony for the Step Up project (stage 3) with over 70 attendees.

Preserving Diversity


REACH is very fortunate to work with a diverse group of young people from various ethnic groups such as H'Mong, Dao, Thai, Cham, etc. It can be said that Vietnams’ 54 ethnic groups have been fully included in REACH's program over the past 11 years. With different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, they are the pieces that make up the lively and colorful mosaic at REACH.

REACH Alumni Come Back to Give Back


In the lead up to Tet REACH alumni have taken to the streets of Hai Duong to pick up rubbish and feed those less fortunate to further enhance REACH’s model as a socially responsible NGO.

Made with Love and Peppered with Hope


Pepper trees grew, day by day, alongside the growing dream of Trang's parents of escaping from the extreme poverty that had accompanied them for decades.

REACH’s students studied about Gender Equality and Violence Prevention


On Thursday, December 19th, students at REACH Hanoi Centre had a session to enhance their knowledge about gender equality as well as violence prevention.