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We’re back! We’ve overcome COVID-19 and we’re ready to teach again


REACH welcomed about 335 students back to its training centers early this week. Following the direction of the government, REACH closed all schools for nearly 2 months from 10th March to the 3rd of May. This measure was to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Vietnam.

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Completing the final exam REACH cooking students get ready to enter the hospitality industry


In the early hours of the morning, Thien Van Lo, a cooking student at REACH, went to the local market in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. He needed to buy vegetables, meat, and some other ingredients for his final test on that day.

Through Viewzz, REACH promotes the exclusivity of the digital economy for all Vietnamese


Globalization and rapid development in information technology has provided a large number of “borderless-jobs” for Vietnamese people. These include active engagement in the global value chain and business process outsourcing (BPO) across many industry sectors.

Reproductive health training for deaf students


In Vietnam, there are about 1.3 million deaf people living across the country. They face many challenges in accessing public services including reproductive health care. This is because there are few ways for deaf people to communicate with doctors in hospitals without the support of a sign language interpreter.

My Father’s Dream


When Mai was a child, she didn’t like school very much. Pursuing Higher education had never been an option for her. Mai didn’t know what her dream nor a pathway for her future was. But her father knew what she was for.

Making an inclusivity smoothie: REACH’s recipe for success


Deaf students are transforming their lives by taking part in the F&B training at REACH. Under Ngoc’s instruction students from the full-time F&B course are also taking part in the role of “teacher assistants”.

The Rain in Vietnam: Anh’s Story


When in rains in Vietnam, the rain is so heavy that it can wash away whole mountains, clear the most densely packed street in the blink of an eye, and wake a whole city by rapidly thumping on its thin tin roofs. And sometimes when it rains in Vietnam, it floods and when it floods, the floodwaters can be fierce and wild and unruly and can be so powerful and move with such force that they can pick a man up whole and carry him away forever

GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH


At REACH, as a non-profit organization, people often ask us where our funding comes from. We tell them “Various sources, but mainly from international foundations and individuals”. This answer confuses them. “Why would people give their money to strangers in a country out of nowhere?” they ask.

Training need assessment of deaf people


On 10th May, REACH center organized a training needs survey for the deaf in Hanoi. This event is a part of REACH's Step-Up project which is to promote the integration of people with visual and hearing impaired into social-economic activities. We aim to achieve that by providing them vocational and life skills training.

Full scholarship opportunity from RMIT University for REACH graduates


Disadvantaged youth from REACH will have a great chance to further their education with a full scholarship, worth AUD 92,000, from RMIT University Vietnam.