REACH’s students studied about Gender Equality and Violence Prevention

On Thursday, December 19th, students at REACH Hanoi Centre had a session to enhance their knowledge about gender equality as well as violence prevention. 
REACH believes that these are two important topics that the current young generation should have some knowledge about. We had an interview with Dr. Tran Thi Thu Hien, from Vietnam Women's Academy, came REACH and taught students.
Dr. Tran Thi Thu Hien, from Vietnam Women's Academy
Dr. Tran Thi Thu Hien, from Vietnam Women's Academy

Q: What are some of your comments about REACH’s students and how their perspectives on gender changed after the class?


A: At first, I reckoned that the students do have some knowledge about this topic but limited in how this topic has conversed worldwide, but I think it is understandable as this is a newly introduced definition. Some students were passive initially, but they got over it and became more proactive at understanding and had positive communications with the lecturer.
 Students focus on listening a new lesson
Students focus on listening a new lesson

Q: How important is it to educate the youth about the differences between Class and Gender?

A: As a matter of fact, these are some things that the majority of students here weren’t taught at school, so they don’t have a good understanding of Gender and Class. Learning the differentiations would expand their perspectives on gender equality, but more importantly, they understand more in regard of Class, exhibit their roles in the society, also make it easier for them to communicate in life. 

A group students discuss about gender and class 
A group students discuss about gender and class

Q: Do you have any message for the youngsters in this era, as we are talking about this topic?

A: Gender and sexuality is the sensitive topic, however, but it is vital to understand because the society is now more balanced and moving toward sustainable development, I hope that young people in this era have a deep understanding of Class and Gender as well as gender equality issues. Hopefully, they are able to apply that knowledge into work in the future, be responsible and reach a certain level of happiness in future life. This will just be beneficial for them I; it is not anything to be too stressed about. Those changes need time, for them to truly understand the opportunities for personal developments. 

Why did you decide to organise this session today?


REACH Hanoi Center Manager, Ms Nguyen Ngoc Hang shared: "Gender Equality or Violence, I think both are hot trend topic and no less vital. The majority of our students comes from disadvantaged groups, I believe that many families were struggling with those two issues but they have not been aware of it yet. 

Second, even if the students were the victims or have witnessed those problems, they have not had enough knowledge and skills to handle. 
Therefore, when I heard the rumour about this group which operates this project, and of course they were well-trained to educate young people about Gender Equality and Violence Prevention. "

A group photo in the end of class
A group photo in the end of class

"REACH and that group cooperate to have a test-run, the targets are students who are currently studying at REACH. 
The main purpose is to observe with that amount of knowledge and limited duration, will the students be able to keep up, how much they can absorb and how it will be applied to their future lives. 
As planned, there will be several modifications after today’s class (the first class), there will be more classes to be operated in January of 2020", she pressed.

She respected: "In the long term, we want to bring this program’s module to be similar to soft-skill classes’. However, the duration and the content will be decided in the near future. "

Not only providing vocational training for disadvantaged youth, REACH understands that the students have not been educated much about these two crucial topics. 

If the students were able to understand, even better if they know how to apply most of the knowledge, life quality would be massively improved. We are working on to bring this program to be official as soon as possible; it would be a massive perk for students to be equipped with this.


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