REACH supports alumni of a career in Hairdressing and Nail

In June 2019, 2 alumni named Nhu and Mai, graduated from the Hairdressing and Nail course at Hanoi REACH Center and were eligible for the startup support project “50 Female Students Empowered With Job Skill Training In Class And Real Field”. This is a project which supports 50 female students to have vocational training in hairdressing both in and outside the classroom.

After students graduate from REACH, they rarely have the right financial conditions to open a salon. This year REACH received 4 applications and Nhu and Mai were selected for this special support program.

For Nhu, having a child, studying and working at the same time is extremely difficult. Nhu was emotional and burst into tears when she shared her thoughts on the hardship: “I love my son so much. There were days I could only look at his face and hug him for a very short time. I really didn’t have time to look after him. Even when he was sick, I couln’t take leave to take care of him, because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to afford our daily expenses. I always told myself to hold back and try harder every time.” With the goal and passion to open a salon on her own, Nhu has worked hard and studied non-stop to try to improve her skills.

Ms. Hien - the Hairdressing and Nail Class teacher shared: “Being the class president in Hairdresser K41, she always tried hard to study during three months vocational training at REACH. She always used all the time to practice and apply what she was taught in reality.” After nearly 2 years of work experience, difficulties in working as a hired labourer, and having no time for her son, Nhu was inspired to borrow money to rent a small store in Canh crossroads. All equipment and utensils were secondhand and bought at a low cost so their efficiency was restricted. Understanding her situation and difficulties, the project donated nearly 10 million VND to buy new equipment for the salon including: facial sauna machine, gel machine, dryer, artificial curling machine, curling and straightening hair machine, hair-cutting scissors, steaming machines, and a paint bucket.

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hang, Northern Region Manager, presented gifts to Hoang Thi Nhu

Similar to the case of Nhu, Mai was also given 12 million VND for salon equipment including: facial steamers, hairdressing chairs, clippers, acne machines, shavers, hair-cutting scissors, driers, hair-straighteners, pumps, and billboards. “ I was surprised and couldn’t believe there was an organization like REACH. When I came to REACH, I changed my mind. I was luckier than many other cases.”, said Mai. She used to moan about her miserable life. Her father died more than 4 years ago and all the burden fell on her mother’s shoulders. Her mother didn't have a stable career, she only worked as a farmer catching crabs and snails to provide for Mai and her two younger brothers. The pain didn’t stop there: when her second brother suffered from an accident which affected his brain, the family had to spend a lot of money on medical expenses. Due to her family difficulties, Mai quit school after grade 9.

She started working as a salesperson at a fair and a food store to support her family. Hairdressing has long been Mai’s passion and is also the motivation for her to always try to fulfil her dream.

After studying at REACH and working, Mai has saved up and borrowed some more money to open her own salon. Her life is much better and she has a better income to help her family and herself.
Mai shared, "The sponsorship means a lot to me. It is empowering me to fulfill my passion. I would like to express my sincere thanks to REACH"

This is the last course of this project. However, REACH will consider applying for funding and maintaining future alumni support activities.

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