REACH Social Enterprise

REACH SE is an enterprise for social, was founded by REACH non-profit organization with the aims are creating revenue and spending all money to support for disadvantaged youths in Viet Nam

The vision

The vision of REACH SE is to become a leading social enterprise in the field of training consultancy and providing qualitative and prestigious training services for young people throughout Vietnam. So that they have an opportunity to develop their potential and participate in the competitive labor market.


- Building effective service business models, creating sustainable revenue sources for enterprises
- Building a system of quality and prestige training services to meet the needs of customers, especially the needs of Vietnamese youths.
- Opening more opportunities for disadvantaged youths to access the quality and prestigious training services to enter the competitive labor market.

REACH SE provides products and services in the education and training field. Based on 10 years of operation and inherited the advanced models from overseas in technical skills, life skills, curriculum development and training curriculum, products and training services of REACH SE were designed with highly practical and flexible times. That meets the diverse needs of individual customer groups, corporate customers and organizations.