Student Stories

Vietnam is a country with great opportunities. This is why our focus is on disadvantaged youth, who are likely to miss out on these opportunities because they have to overcome challenges that most do not have.

Our graduates, who have reached out for their own future, have demonstrated great courage and determination. Through hard work, they are turning their lives around. Meet some of our inspiring students and read their stories below.

  • Made with Love and Peppered with Hope

    Course: Graphic Design Pepper trees grew, day by day, alongside the growing dream of Trang's parents of escaping from the extreme poverty that had accompanied them for decades.
  • Nguyen Thi Anh

    Course: K43 REACH Hanoi - Hairdressing
  • Pham Thi Cam Tuy

    Course: Food & Beverage - REACH Hue Phạm Thị Cẩm Túy was an outstanding student at REACH. She completed her training in the Food & Beverage course at REACH in March 2019. Currently, Tuy is still on our 6-month post-graduation period. REACH tracks her progress with her job, living situation and well-being
  • Nguyen Thi Oanh

    Course: K39 REACH Hue - Food & Beverage Oanh was born and grew up in a small coastal village about 12 kilometers from Hue city where she lived with her parents and 4 siblings. Her father is a fisherman and has to travel far from the village for months at a time to fish. In the winter, his working conditions become more dangerous and with lower catches which means his income is not stable. Her mother is a housewife and doesn’t work so her family encounters many difficulties.
  • Kieu Thi Thuong

    Course: K44 REACH Hanoi - Graphic Design 2D Kieu Thi Thuong is a 21 years old girl who just graduated from Graphic Design course at REACH. She comes from Dong Yen in Hanoi
  • Nguyen Huu Hong Phuong

    Phuong is one of the best students of REACH. He is not only a successful man in society, but he is also an enthusiastic vice-president of the Alumni club and a dutiful son to his parents.