Student Stories

Vietnam is a country with great opportunities. This is why our focus is on disadvantaged youth, who are likely to miss out on these opportunities because they have to overcome challenges that most do not have.

Our graduates, who have reached out for their own future, have demonstrated great courage and determination. Through hard work, they are turning their lives around. Meet some of our inspiring students and read their stories below.

  • Kieu Thi Thuong

    Course: K44 REACH Hanoi - Graphic Design 2D Kieu Thi Thuong is a 21 years old girl who just graduated from Graphic Design course at REACH. She comes from Dong Yen in Hanoi
  • Nguyen Huu Hong Phuong

    Phuong is one of the best students of REACH. He is not only a successful man in society, but he is also an enthusiastic vice-president of the Alumni club and a dutiful son to his parents.
  • Luu Thi Sao Mai

    But now Mai has found hope through REACH. After hearing about the program through a friend and recent REACH alumni, Mai decided that REACH’s program could give her the power to change her situation. Now enrolled in REACH’s Food and Beverage course, she hopes that her newfound bartending skills will enable her to contribute in a meaningful way to the stability of her family.
  • Nguyen Thi Mai

    Nguyen Thi Mai decided to attend REACH after hearing about the course from an older cousin. Mai is an artistic and creative young woman, and her cousin believed that the REACH Web and Graphic Design course would be a perfect fit. And so far, he has been correct. Already, Mai has demonstrated an aptitude for design, creating CD covers and various other graphic art items.
  • Bui Thi Tra Mi

    Ten years ago, Bui Thi Tra Mi’s father was involved in a tragic accident that left him unable to work. Desperate to support her three children, Mi’s mother was left to work long hours on the family’s farm growing rice, peanuts, cassava, and other crops. From a young age, Mi helped her mother in the fields—attending school during the morning hours and working in the afternoons. When she wasn’t working or studying, she recalls the countless times that she accompanied her ailing father to the hospital.
  • Vu Thanh Mai

    It is said that having a basic education is a right that everyone should be entitled to. But for Mai, going to school has never been an option, because of two reasons: her parents are very poor, and her arms are severely disabled.