Targeted Students

REACH courses are designed exclusively for street and migrant youth, school dropouts, unemployed secondary school graduates and resettlement community members. 

While Vietnam has made huge gains economically in recent years, there are families who are not able to take part in this growth.  We focus on these young people.  This includes youth:
  • from poor families,
  • living with HIV,
  • with disabilities,
  • at risk through their parents’ situation,
  • living on the streets,
  • who have been victims of trafficking,
  • who have migrated from the country to the city and have few skills,
  • who are former drug users,

We find our students through our mobilization campaigns. In the months before a new course starts, our staff run a recruitment drive, via local organizations like the Youth Union, contacts such as the commune leaders in areas where our students are likely to live, and places young people frequent such as markets and bus stations. We work closely with other NGOs who support our target group. Our students talk to their friends and neighbors – word of mouth is a great recommendation., and our Alumni also get involved. Together we make sure that young people learn about our program and sign up.