Reaching out in the community in Dien Bien city

On December 13th, staff members of REACH took a trip to Dien Bien City, together with Blue Dragon Organisation, took part in the “Interschool STEM Science and Technology Fair” with the participation of 345 students from Tuan Giao Boarding High School, Qua To High School and Bung Lao High School.

We aimed to introduce the vocational training courses that are available at REACH, in addition to all the …. Scholarships. Both REACH and Blue Dragons understand that the majority of students of these schools are women and come from minor ethnicities, this means there is a high chance that they will face disadvantages in the future and would possibly encounter difficulties to have stable careers. With this kind of background, it is clear that they need support and REACH feels more than eager to provide it.

Despite the limited time, REACH has successfully executed plenty of meaningful activities for the students. Understand that this is the “Industrial Revolution 4.0” age, at the fair, REACH representatives have shared some information in relevant with Information Technology, such as emphasizing potential careers in this industry, the trends of the labor market of introduced jobs in general and a detail introduction of 4 relevant courses at REACH Hanoi.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Hoang Tung – a teacher of Web Coding class at REACH Hanoi, took part as a judge to evaluate students’ science projects at the fair. The products overall were creatively done and there is no doubt that the students have put in a lot of effort into their projects.

There were some fun activities too, such as shuttlecock kicking and balanced ride. Other activities which have technology involvement, caught many students’ attention, namely 3D Printing demonstration.

The Q&A session remained for approximately 15 minutes but there were many questions that arose from the students participated.
The questions were mainly about which schools, universities they should attend, which career path is most suitable for their current personal as well as family backgrounds.

REACH introduces courses and scholarships to the students

REACH introduces courses and scholarships to the students


Reaching out in community in Dien Bien city

Students exploring more information about REACH


The final result was astonishing. REACH’s programs have caught attention from the majority of students were at the fair, there were only 2 information leaflets left behind. Thanks to Mr Lanh Cong Chuc – a former student of REACH, class Cooking K45 who had a speech sharing his experience at REACH, the students have more information about our centre and many of them have shown that they are excited to study here. A teacher at school shared with our staffs that she is looking forward to her child studying at REACH.

A group of students finds REACH on Facebook

A group of students finds REACH on Facebook


It was a limited time that our staff had on the trip, but we agree it was an unforgettable experience. We believe that this is a great movement, providing opportunities and supports for disadvantaged students would improve their family conditions. This is our mission and we will never stop doing it.

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