Relief for REACH Alumni during COVID-19

Relief for REACH alumni during these difficult times is a necessity. The pandemic has complicated and disrupted many activities.

In Vietnam, the second wave of Covid-19 has struck with the number of infections increasing daily, hampering all socio-economic activities. In particular, a large group of REACH alumni has been heavily affected by the pandemic in their lives and work.

The employment rate of former students in August was only 40%.
REACH Hoi An and REACH Da Nang especially are heavily affected by the pandemic. All the shops and service-based businesses were closed. 100% of alumni were stood down from their jobs without pay for at least 1 month.

Understanding these difficulties, REACH and REACH Alumni Club have come together in search of suitable solutions and relief packages:

1-Relief Package for REACH alumni during the COVID pandemic from REACH

To best support, the REACH alumni affected by COVID, REACH implemented two relief packages for alumni.

1.Package 1: Training in online sales skills, telephone sales skills for students planning or preparing to do online business or applying for jobs in this field. (Training is done online)

2.Package 2: Partial funding support for business models and start-ups. REACH is investing in ideas that are being carried out or are planned to be carried out by students who lost their jobs and students who lost income or who are forced to take a break from work.

2-Relief Package for REACH alumni during the COVID pandemic From the project “For a Vietnam where no one is left behind during COVID-19”

To support the struggling REACH alumni living in Hanoi, REACH cooperated with the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) to implement the Covid-19 pandemic relief package.

This relief package is part of MSD’s “For a Vietnam where no one is left behind during the COVID-19” project, sponsored by United Way, 3M, and the CCK Foundation.

15 packages of in-kind support worth 2.2 million VND/household, including food (rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, salt …) and medical supplies (masks, hand sanitizer …) was given to 15 households of alumni on the morning of August 21, 2020, at REACH Hanoi office

Mr.Trai, project manager and MSD representative said: “There are still many living very difficult lives out there that are struggling to withstand the waves of despair from the pandemic. We hope that not only REACH but all REACH Alumni, and the whole community will spread more than the spirit of the project “For a Vietnam, no one will be left behind in COVID-19”.

We believe that anyone who can offer help, material or spiritual, big or small, can contribute to a Vietnam with “no one left behind”. Join us on this challenging but meaningful journey. ”

Sincere thanks to MSD, United Way, 3M, and CCK Foundation for their meaningful program dedicated to REACH alumni.

3-Successfully calling for VND 48,980,000 for surgery costs for Thang – a REACH alumnus in Hanoi

The spirit of the REACH Alumni Club may seem small at first glance, but it is deceptively significant. Each person gave only 50,000 VND, 100,000 VND, … but they created a miracle. After nearly 2 weeks of raising money from the REACH family, from the community, and from its members, the REACH Alumni Club successfully raised 48 million VND for surgery costs for Nguyen Van Thang, a graduate from the 29th 2D-modelling class.

 The story of Thang

Ms Thuy, a former student of REACH’s Sales and Marketing class, shared: “Guys,for most of us REACH alumni, at least once in our lives, we have gone through a period which is not only difficult, but it is also a crisis. So it is us who should understand this situation best. Together, let’s contribute our efforts to create a meaningful value that makes the lives of our friends peaceful again.”

Hopefully, the calls for support for REACH alumni during COVID will partly help them overcome one of the most difficult times in human history up to the present time.


Ms. Tam the executive director at REACH center and REACH Alumni came to present gifts to Thang

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