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Through Viewzz, REACH promotes the exclusivity of the digital economy for all Vietnamese

Globalization and rapid development in information technology has provided a large number of “borderless-jobs” for Vietnamese people. These include active engagement in the global value chain and business process outsourcing (BPO) across many industry sectors.

Making an inclusivity smoothie: REACH’s recipe for success

Deaf students are transforming their lives by taking part in the F&B training at REACH. Under Ngoc’s instruction students from the full-time F&B course are also taking part in the role of “teacher assistants”.

GSRD Foundation weaves hope at REACH

At REACH, as a non-profit organization, people often ask us where our funding comes from. We tell them “Various sources, but mainly from international foundations and individuals”. This answer confuses them. “Why would people give their money to strangers in a country out of nowhere?” they ask.

Full scholarship opportunity from RMIT University for REACH graduates

Disadvantaged youth from REACH will have a great chance to further their education with a full scholarship, worth AUD 92,000, from RMIT University Vietnam.

Mental health care training for teachers at REACH

Last week, teachers at REACH got through the final lesson of a “mental health care” training course. The training course was delivered by Lisa Bernstein, senior student counselor from RMIT university. It included 2 modules “Basic help skills” and “Self-care and boundaries”.

REACH Alumni Come Back to Give Back

In the lead up to Tet REACH alumni have taken to the streets of Hai Duong to pick up rubbish and feed those less fortunate to further enhance REACH’s model as a socially responsible NGO.