Phạm Thị Cẩm Túy
Course: F&B

Pham Thi Cam Tuy is a former student of Latte Art class at REACH Hue center. Tuy grew up in a family of 8 members, living in a coastal fishing village. Her grandmother is old and weak, my father is a labor worker, and her mother sells fish. Tuy has four siblings, one bigger brother and sister, and two younger siblings who are still in school. Due to the precarious work of parents, the family also faced many difficulties in earning living. Tuy’s brother and sister had to drop out of school to work far from home because their income was not stable when working in their living neighborhood. Tuy also tried to finish 12th grade and because of difficult circumstances, so she had to temporarily put aside her studies and find a job to support her family.

Finding a job as a waiter in a small cafe, Tuy began to be curious and loved the barista job and wanted to become a professional bartender. She shared: “I don’t know where to start, I only know how to secretly raise my dream because my family can’t afford it and my two younger siblings are still going to school.”

Fortunately, Tuy met some acquaintences who were REACH students and were very successful on their chosen path. Tuy then was introduced to REACH. I feel REACH is suitable for the situation and gave me a career orientation for me to be determined and try. Tuy did not hesitate to choose the F&B course to pursue. With the support of her family, she became a F&B student in REACH Hue center.

After completing the course, Tuy was offered a job by the teacher at a restaurant with a stable income. The knowledge base that she has learned helping her so much in developing quickly in her work. She is now currently satisfied with her job. After the probation, Tuy became the main bartender in a large coffee shop in the city.

Although she graduated from REACH, when she has free time, Tuy still comes back and participates in extracurricular activities for alumni of the center. The art coffee decoration class in Hue led by Mr. Quang gave her more opportunities to improve skills and apply them to her current job.

Looking at her current life, Tuy feels very happy because she has a good income for herself and partially supports her family.

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