Nguyen Ich Minh
Course: Web Coding

Minh was born in a farming family of four with poor economic conditions. Minh’s father was in poor health because he had to undergo kidney surgeries many times, and his mother had to take care of the whole family alone. Because of the difficult circumstances, Minh and his parents moved to different places to earn living.

Like many other children, Minh also has dreams, he once dreamed that he would become a famous scientist in the future (because he had a pretty good academic record) – which now when Minh looks back, he feels so naive. The challenging life makes his dreams farther and farther away.

Minh used to do many jobs to earn living: from looking after a warehouse and guarding a garment company, working at a factory producing aluminum frames and glass doors, working as a salesman for a telecommunications company, etc., to working as a porter. serving calves… These are heavy manual jobs that bring only a very limited income, along with a lot of pressure both physically and mentally. Minh is confused when looking at himself: 28 years old, no career, no future orientation. must be determined to learn – hold a career that is suitable for you.

Luckily, he was introduced to REACH Hanoi Center by an acquaintance of my sister. Minh especially has a passion for informatics and is very pleased to know that the center offers vocational training in Web programming – a field that he feels is suitable for his abilities and dreams. What’s even more amazing is the center’s full tuition support for the course, especially when the COVID pandemic is extremely complicated. Minh became a student in REACH’s Web Coding class.

At REACH, Minh met a lot of new friends – people with difficult circumstances like myself, even those with disabilities but still trying to rise up. Those friends make Minh feel that he is still very lucky and has to work harder to study well.

After graduating, Minh was introduced by his teachers to a programming job at a company in Hanoi, a job that brought him a stable income and partly financially supported his parents.


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