Hoa, Vu Thi Thuy
Course: REACH Hanoi - 3D Modelling

Going to school doesn’t help you do anything!” That’s the thinking my dad always imposed on me when I was a kid ”, shared Thuy Hoa, a former student of 3D Graphic Design.

Hoa’s school path was more difficult than her peers.

Hoa recalls: “Born unlike many other children, I was very sad because of a congenital lisp and mobility impairment that made it difficult for me to walk. My father believed that I couldn’t do anything even I went to school. I was so sad. My only wish at that time was just to be able to go to school.”

Going to school doesn’t help you do anything

Going to school doesn’t help you do anything


I can vividly remember the day my mother agreed to let me go to a school for children in difficult circumstances: “I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep that night “. Although I only studied for 2 hours every afternoon I was extremely happy.

Seemingly like I would be unable to go to school anymore

Hoa and her parents moved from Nihn Binh to Ho Chi Minh to work and live when she was very young. Life was very difficult.

Her father often worked far away, her mother worked at a factory but the income was low. The accommodation was not stable and they often moved. . Hoa worried a lot, afraid that her studies would have to stop. It was her mother who gave Hoa the strength to continue studying.

Hoa recalled: “Every day at 16:30, my mother took me to class even though the weather was hot or rainy. Traveling was even more difficult during the rainy season in Saigon. On many days when cars went by, they splashed water which wet both my mother and me. Our clothes were so wet but I did not care because I could go to class. I love studying”

In order to continue studying, Hoa went to Ninh Binh to live with her grandparents. From that time, she had to learn how to be independent, take care of herself and her grandparents, and to finish school. Because of her weak health and difficult economic conditions, Hoa gave up her dream of college.

Her mother and younger brother could not continue living in Saigon and went back to live with their grandmother in Nghe An. After finishing the high school program at the countryside school in Ninh Binh, Hoa also went to Ha Tinh to reunite with her mother and younger brother.

Wishing for a stable job

Every day passed, Hoa stayed at home and worked as an online sales assistant and received a small commission for each product she sold. Her income was unstable and not predictable. This inspired Hoa to look for new opportunities.

“Joining the REACH family, choosing a career in 3D Graphic Design was my first step. Thanks to the friendly and enthusiastic help of the teachers and friends at REACH, I felt confident to continue studying” Hoa frankly shared.

With a future goal of becoming a professional graphic designer, Hoa had a clear plan that motivated her to study and work at mastering new skills and acquiring new knowledge. She also learned much about the industry to best prepare her for a company interview.

vu thi thuy hoa Wishing for a stable job

vu thi thuy hoa Wishing for a stable job

Hoa confidently said: “My goal is that after about 5 years I will work for a foreign company with a salary of 25 million / month and will constantly accumulate experience in the interior design field. “

Due to COVID, Hoa has just applied to become an intern in 3D Graphic Design at Doong Furniture Company: “This is my second step, I will take it to step by step, step by step. This way I believe I will reach my goal”.

Hoa tells young people: ” When you are young try new things. You don’t want to reflect on the past regretting what you did not do. Do not think about whether you can or cannot do something. Believe in yourself then you will succeed.”

Hoa’s story is one of REACH’s many examples of a person’s determination to overcome difficulties. We hope that she will continue on the path that she has chosen to achieve her dreams and goals in the near future.

Thank you to the sponsors and the donors. You are the ones who have helped Hoa step by step towards her dream.

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