Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Nghia
Course: 2D Design

I came across REACH in 2014 when I was 24 years old. I had worked as a wedding photographer for more than 2 years at that time. Being uncertain for the future, my sister and I knew the vocational course at REACH. My sister chose the housekeeping service course and I chose the graphic design class. The days at REACH changed our career path. After graduation, I pursued graphic design and developed myself in advertising wedding albums. My future path is more open. In addition to the basic software I had been using in the wedding industry, I have learnt more other design software such as Corel, AI… Last but not least, working at REACH gives me a more hopeful and motivated life.

Having looking for jobs with uncertainty for such a long time, I understand the feeling of young people. It was like a fate, I was offered to be a lecturer in Graphic Design class at REACH Da Nang in 2019.

Actually, looking at myself right now when I standing in front of the whole class, I still don’t believe that I can overcome myself like that. I’m quite shy and nervous when receiving the offer from REACH. I was encouraged by my family and friends a lot, I tried to improve my knowledge and skills to adapt with this new teaching job. Learning and working in an area is totally different from teaching it to others.

My first class was a course of 8 unfinished students. They were getting used to their old teacher. They were afraid to change, to communicate with me, the new teacher… but perhaps, I am quite trustworthy, they began to open their hearts and share. I enjoyed experiencing the feeling of learning vocation at REACH again. During the day, I accompanied students in class. In the evening, I tried to forge more software. There are parts of the software in our daily work life that we never use, but from the point of view of a teacher, I must understand and know how to guide them in the best way. At first, all difficulties seemed insurmountable with a tight schedule. I slept less than 5 hours a day. There were too many more professional things about the familiar software that I had to research. Besides, I also needed to improve my communication and teaching skills. My empathy with my students’ background encourages me more in supporting them.

Reviewing my students’ profiles, I think that myself is still lucky and need to try hard more. REACH students, some who have lost their parents, some whose roofs are just temporary pieces of corrugated iron, some with disabilities… All of them have the same low self-esteem like the first years of my life. I feel a strong desire in them. It is a desire to have a job, to be proven as a needy person of society. They are sensitive and vulnerable inside, but when they are cared for and asked about, they are very open. I will also improve myself a lot to be a guide, a companion my students in those initial steps. REACH to me is not simply a job, it’s more than a mission, a desire to partially orient my students.

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