The REACH program is good, students will “go down the mountain”
Ethnic minority students will go down the mountain

Ethnic minority students will go down the mountain

“The REACH program is good, ethnic minority students will “go down the mountain”; not afraid of the long-distance, not afraid of difficulties”. A local official shared with Mr. Giap – REACH’s youth affairs officer after his career counseling trips to the highland community.


And his prediction has been shown to be true – REACH’s program is good.


According to 2019 statistics, the proportion of ethnic minority students accounted for 12.49%. At REACH this course the center welcomed 125 ethnic minority students.
REACH alumni personally shared their experiences of the REACH program, which contributed to the success of student enrollment in remote areas.

REACH alumni shared their experience

REACH alumni shared their experience

Giap excitedly shared: “During the mobilization trip in Dien Bien, Tai, a former member of the Hairdressing class also joined. Tai is the best example for prospective students to understand the value of REACH’s training. In particular, the feelings of the highland students aligned with Tai’s are background and her sincerity. That day, they also celebrated singing birthday greeting to him“


During its 16 years of operation, REACH has provided vocational training and support to 18,000 young people in difficult circumstances. More than 80% of them have a stable job after 6 months of graduation and many have earned promotions to team leaders or managers at their work.


Concerns of youth affair officers


“Going through the clouds” is the first experience in my life to go to a highland school in Ha Giang. Love the students and also ask me many big questions after the trip ……. ” Giap recalled.

Mr. Giap Giap gave advice to new students

Mr. Giap Giap gave advice to new students

Giap spends more than a third of his time during a month on community mobilization trips in Ha Giang, Dien Bien, Lao Cai, traveling 1-2 days each way to reach these communities. “Those questions are still motivating, giving me more motivation to get my work done. I will only be able to complete my answers when young people come to REACH and go to work to achieve success and follow their journey to a happy life.” Giap continued to share.


The staff and teachers at other centers in Hai Duong, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An all want to bring this special program to young people who really need it. A series of community mobilization trips have been made, notwithstanding some very hot and rainy weather.


Some pictures of the center’s community enrollment


Career counseling at high schools, community from REACH Da Nang team


The group of REACH Hue teachers is ready for a community trip

Select the right trainees in the REACH program

Bringing REACH’s “good” program to the “right” people is an important goal in REACH’s operation.

REACH staff and teachers advise and counsel prospective students to make sure that they understand the program as well as interviewing about their circumstances f and make home visits to verify their eligibility.

Because of the influence of COVID REACH also applied online interviews and home visits to many students in remote areas.

Ms. Hiep, a program officer, shared: “Online interviews create conditions for teachers to directly survey and evaluate students’ family circumstances as well as exchange and talk clearly with their parents so that they can trust and allow their children to attend school. ”

In addition, REACH also carried out cross-monitoring such as asking local partners and alumni to accurately assess whether the information provided by the trainees was correct.

Let’s shine the “REACH’s good program” together to the right people.

Some photos of student home visit, interview in Danang, Hanoi, Hue

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