Trends in IT and graphic design you need to know about

In her presentation “Trends in IT and graphic design” on July 10 to more than 30 REACH students, Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Director of Adecco Hanoi office, “revealed” her “secrets” to accessing job opportunities in the IT sector.

Graphic design and IT courses are a significant part of REACH’s training program.

The inclusion of a ‘Vocational Training & Employment Placement Model’ in these courses is a differentiating component in REACH’s programs. Based on their market research on Vietnam’s skill needs, REACH has 4 courses designed for the IT sector – these include 2D graphic design, 3D graphic design, Web coding, and video editing. Each year REACH trains more than 200 people for work in this sector.

To better support REACH trainees and prepare them to work in this sector REACH Hanoi invited representatives of Adecco to share their knowledge with a session on the topic: “Trends in IT and design”.

Trends in IT and design

According to Ms. Ha, current training institutions only provide 40% of the human resource needs in these sectors. Human resources demand in the IT field is increasing rapidly. Vietnam is poised to be the post-COVID-19 destination for many technology giants especially as a result of the US and China trade war. Vietnam’s management of COVID-19 also makes it a preferred destination for outsourcing work in these sectors. It is estimated that Vietnam will need more than 500,000 additional human resources for this sector in 2021.

Despite the high demand for human resources “only about 30% out of 150,000 IT students meet the job requirements”, Ms. Ha said. In addition, changes in technology are constantly happening. This requires IT, learners, to continuously update their knowledge and skills.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Director of Adecco Hanoi office

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Director of Adecco Hanoi office

How best access career opportunities in the IT field? To be ready to step into employment in IT and design sectors, Ms. Ha gave much useful advice to REACH students including:
  • How best to prepare a professional CV, practice interview skills, and build soft skills such as time management, communication and emotional skills.
  • Internship at leading IT companies as an important stepping stone to gaining experience and confidence about working in the sector; developing technical skills; gaining new soft skills; building relationships for future employment; recognizing the importance of punctuality; and able to take on criticism positively.
  • Constantly gaining new insights and improving knowledge. This includes keeping up with technology changes plus acquiring knowledge in areas such as foreign languages (especially English). These are important and will add value to a student’s skill set.
  • Knowing and understanding different people and their personalities to improve job opportunities.
We extend our sincere thanks to Ms. Ha and Adecco for sharing their knowledge and experiences with REACH students.

Some photos in the event

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