As Vietnam begins to recover and rebuild following the COVID 19 pandemic, ensuring that the gap between rich and poor doesn’t widen is paramount. REACH is working to ensure no young person is left behind as the recovery begins.

Meet Our Students

  • Nguyen Ich Minh

    A turning point of becoming a coder at the age of 28
    Course: Web Coding

    Batch 47 ...

  • Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Nghia

    The story of a dedicated teacher to his students at REACH
    Course: 2D Design
  • Phạm Thị Cẩm Túy

    A dream of becoming a skilled bartender comes true
    Course: F&B

    F&B batch 41, Latte Art batch 48 ...

Targeted Beneficiaries

REACH works with the youth aged between 16 – 30, who lack access to formal education due to physical and social barriers such as disabilities, poverty, or difficult family circumstances.

REACH students include street and migrant youth, school dropouts, disadvantaged youth from ethnic minorities, and members of the LGBT community.

REACH engages with youth from marginalized groups such as trafficking survivors, and people with disabilities.

Students’ benefits

Enrollment Process

Some Feedback from REACH Students

Before studying at REACH, my life was such a struggle, I didn’t have a stable job to earn enough money to live. But I now feel more self-confident, I can take care of myself and send money home to help my parents
Oanh Thi Kim Nguyen

A Food & Beverage Alumni at REACH

Everything I learnt at REACH, I can apply at work immediately. Right in the first month of working, I earned 6 million dongs. I have been praised by the customer for feeling satisfied and got tips from them. I feel very happy and very satisfied with the job
Anh Thi Nguyen

A hairdressing alumni at REACH

I chose to study Web coding, and was very amazed at the training program. It was completely different from my experiences when I was in high school. It required us more critical thinking, being creative and pro-activeness in our learning. Our teacher often sets higher and higher challenges for us to conquer.
Chung A Cu

A web coding alumni at REACH

Hotline in each Center

HANOI - 096.691.0497


Sale & Marketing
2D graphics design
3D Modeling
Web Coding
Hospitality – 5 star (YCI)

HAIDUONG - 098 151 9010


2D graphics design

HOCHIMINH - 096.935.4054


Hospitality – 5 star (YCI)

HUE - 093.551.5171


Sale & Marketing
2D graphics design

DANANG - 091.694.6815


Graphic design

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There are three ways to apply for study at REACH

  • 1st option: Submit directly at REACH center office.
  • 2nd option: Send records via post office to REACH center office and the admissions officer will call to set up an interview
  • 3rd option: Apply online and the admissions officer will call to set up an interview. 


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