What we do

REACH fills the gap between the high level of youth unemployment in Vietnam and employers who need workers with skills, ready to work.  

Before we commence our training programs we research the types of jobs that employers need entry-level, trained staff for. We train disadvantaged young people for these jobs and support them for a further 6 months to make sure they find and keep a job. Once in a job, they can progress to higher level positions as many of our graduates have done.

Our vocational training and employment placement model works because we:

  • Match our training to industry needs
  • Teach our students “soft skills” they will need in the workplace;
  • Teach our students good work habits and attitudes

We offer three sets of vocational training each year in each of our centres

We run a recruitment drive before each program to reach out to young people who fit our target group.  – disadvantaged youth who are not able to access training because of barriers such as price, lack of education, family situation, and young women from marginalized groups such as trafficked women, and women from families living with / affected by HIV or other difficult circumstances. 

Our goal is to ensure that 80% of students are in employment six months after graduating from their course.  We actively support them during this time, to help them find a job and settle into it successfully.  We are very proud of our record of achieving this employment target every year since we commenced operations.  

Our students have many stories to tell – please take some time to meet our young people. 



  • As of August 2018, over 15,000 disadvantaged young people trained since 2004
  • Over 80 % of our graduates had a stable job 6 months after their training
  • REACH graduates usually earn about USD $150 per month - more than twice what they were earning before they enrolled at REACH
  • 50% of REACH graduates get promoted or a salary increase in their first year working